Instructions for the comprehensive treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis – specific disease, which is caused by hyper proliferatiou of derma cells, defective functioning of the immune system, the immune system dependent synthesis of mediators that trigger inflammation in the skin. The normalization of differentiation of epithelial cells, the restoration of the cell mitosis, immune used drugs of different groups (cytostatics, retinoids, immunosuppressants).

instructions for the comprehensive treatment of psoriasis

The pattern of use of certain drugs depends on the stage of the disease, the type of lesions, the patient's age.

Holistic treatment of psoriasis

Complex treatment of psoriasis involves the use of not only drugs, but also physiotherapy. Contribute to the restoration of mitosis, which leads to the elimination of hyperkeratosis, and inflammatory processes on the skin. Therapy against psoriasis includes several components, namely:

  1. external products (ointments, gels, liniment, creams, sprays) – contribute to the elimination of the local inflammatory process, the skin areas affected by psoriasis plaques;
  2. parenteral or oral preparations (tablets, drops, injections, vitamins) – means that the system of therapy, which affect the work of individual organs and systems;
  3. physiotherapy equipment (cryotherapy, hemosorption, laser treatment), hardware, and methods of treatment designed to cleanse the blood, skin pathological substances;
  4. balneology methods, types of Spa treatments with the use of herudotherapy, mud baths, thermal springs, etc.;
  5. diet – a balanced diet, which contributes to the normalization of metabolism of the cells and, consequently, the mitosis.

The choice of specific areas of the treatment depends on the stage of development of psoriasis. For example, on the stage of the progression, i.e. the active development of psoriatic plaques does not apply to certain types of physiotherapy procedures. This can cause even greater exacerbation of the disease.

Selection of the complex treatment

The disease is largely determined by the degree of development of pathological processes, factors, problems caused by, work of immune system, age, etc. In the process of appointing a suitable complex of therapeutic measures the doctor takes into account:

  • the reasons for the development of the pathology;
  • the disease stages;
  • type of arthritis lesions;
  • the gender and age of the patient;
  • the characteristics of the disease;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions.

A careful study of the history of the patient allows to determine the direction of treatment, which will help you to make the best possible therapeutic results. A special role is paid to the analysis of the triggers that provoke the appearance of psoriasis plaques. The starting mechanism of the development of the disease, stress, chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, climate change, etc.

The selected direction of therapy should be clearly demonstrated that the pathogenesis of psoriasis. By the way, to suppress the pathological processes in the body, it will fail, which leads to the complications.
holistic treatment of psoriasis

Treatment general principles of

According to the last medical consultation, which was attended by experts of 19 European countries, an effective treatment for arthritis a disease on the basis of the implementation of the 3 principles:

  1. strict adherence to the algorithm of complex treatment;
  2. continuous monitoring of the response of the organism to the action of certain medicines;
  3. timely adjustment of therapeutic treatment guidelines.

Unfortunately, 45% of the cases, the generalization of the inflammatory process in the development of psoriasis was caused by a failure to comply with the rules, to the treatment, which is determined by the physician. The risks of reducing the formation of arthritis, plaque in the body, you need to clearly follow the instructions of the professionals to the process of therapy.

Treatment process stage

The system in the complex treatment of psoriasis defined by the developmental stage of the pathological process. In this phase of the progression, i.e., active the appearance of new symptoms, rash, you need to stay here a schema of the treatment:

  • Corticosteroid ointment – cut symptoms of the disease, and contribute to the elimination of the inflammatory processes;
  • The-Vitamin-preparations – contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, which allows to restore cell mitosis;
  • Antihistamines – eliminate severe itching, swelling of the tissues near sites of inflammation.

Use these tools to stages of the disease exacerbation because of the pathogenetic activity. Possess a pronounced antiphlogistic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties.

Treatment in place, retrogressive stage

Standing retrogressive stage of development of the disease is characterized by moderate desquamation of psoriatic plaques. However, at this stage, the pathology does not occur in peripheral increase, i.e. the growth of papules or onset of new symptoms. In this case, medical treatment is directed to the drug-peeling, antiseptic, healing effect.

Treatment of genodermatosis approximately like this:

The severity of disease, relieve symptoms used, not only corticosteroids and external sources, but cytostatics

There is a pronounced immunosuppressive effect, i.e., suppress the immune system. Prevent inflammation of the skin, which antibodies attack the epidermal cells.