Shampoo psoriasis: is the most effective way to wash your head

Psoriasis on the head, usually will not damage the hair, but intolerable itching. Due to scratching of the papules, the patient damage to the cover, and the location is shown on the new items. In order to avoid the worsening symptoms of the disease, the doctor special shampoos. These funds have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties.

the shampoo for psoriasis

The types of shampoo for psoriasis

If the course of disease is more severe, the plaques will be dense, covered with a crust, spread over the entire head. The lesions appear on the forehead. Elements on the forehead and the ears. The main problem with this disease cosmetic defects in the form of peeling and the social disorders. Another serious problem can be that the patient is unbearable itching.

Many local remedies, light therapy, or is not effective in psoriasis of the scalp: the hair, prevent the contact of medicinal substances lesions.

The skin of the head needs more gentle care. Pick shampoos based products, which of the following steps:

  • remove the pain;
  • ease;
  • reduce the inflammation;
  • get rid of the fungi.

What shampoo to wash your hair with psoriasis? The most popular, recognised types of shampoos are the following:

  • tar;
  • antifungal;
  • treatment with medicines;
  • cosmetic;
  • baby;
  • hormonal.

Before applying it is necessary to study composition. The traditional shampoos, sodium lauryl-high dermatological stiffness. This exacerbates the inflammation destroys the protective covering. Fragrances, dyes, preservatives can cause irritation, allergic, that, if a pathologist is not valid.

The best solution for psoriasis head — allergenic products face parts — Glycerol-ole, Cocoamid DEA, sodium Concentration, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, as well as other. This is usually a special neutral or baby shampoo.

The most effective material, these products are: coal tar, salicylic acid, plant extracts, natural oils.

Medicated shampoos

Therapeutic shampoo psoriasis is not contain ingredients, which help eliminate the symptoms of the disease (zinc, Ichthyol, salicylic acid).

Furthermore, effective products with zinc (form zinc fungicide, anti-bacterial properties). The material is able to slow the production of skin cells, minimizes the appearance of flaking, itching. Zinc pyrithione is one of the safest components of therapeutic shampoos, as the least amount of side effects, will not damage the hair. Can be applied to the remission, to prevent, but only with prescription.

Tar shampoos

Tar shampoo psoriasis is a very effective, inexpensive means. But some patients may "opt-out" due to the pigmentation of the skin, hair, pungent odor. The composition contains, birch, pine, and juniper tar. The active substances bad cover, remove the disturbing symptoms: burning sensation, peeling, itching. Shampoos have different concentration: 1% -20%. They are usually used two times a week. Tar shampoos are less effective than hormonal or medical side effects, which are spontaneous, recurrence of the pathology, the patients reported less after application.

Tar suppresses DNA synthesis of the cells, correcting the error, the differentiation of the epithelial cells in patients with psoriasis, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Antifungal shampoos

The effect of the shampoo, the antifungal effect is generally not intended to directly get rid of the psoriasis. But yeasts (especially of the genus Candida, Malassezia) woman, the one hindering factor to the pathology of inflammation, trauma cover.

These shampoos successfully in the fight against the fungal infection. A highly effective complex of fungi, as well as the local corticosteroids. Antifungal products for psoriasis of the head are the following:

  • zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, propylene glycol;
  • the;

Hormonal shampoo for psoriasis

Hormonal shampoos, to reduce inflammation, itching, narrowing of the blood vessels. Positive results come quickly, side-effects, if applied correctly almost never occur. But these funds can not be more than four weeks.

hormonal shampoo

The most effective propionate 0.05% betamethasone dipropionate 0.05%. They belong to the group of strong and effective steroid, which has a high risk of side effects.

Baby shampoo

The food in the psoriasis children there is no content, fragrances, dyes, harmful ingredients. A good children's shampoo, or the only healing nutrients, to the greatest positive effect on the scalp baby of psoriasis symptoms.

Effective shampoo for psoriasis may be prescribed only in a specialist. Improper treatment leads to more recurrence, and complications.