The psoriasis on the face symptoms, treatment

The psoriasis is one of the most common skin unpleasant disease. The most common arthritis with deformities of the limbs, trunk. Can psoriasis be on your face? Unfortunately, while a lot of unpleasant experience with patients suffering from this disease.

the symptoms of psoriasis on the face

The symptoms of psoriasis on the face

In the initial stages of the psoriasis on the face usually occurs in the late fall or winter. At this time, the skin is particularly sensitive. A harbinger of the disease itching. The symptoms in the initial stages of psoriasis of the face is very similar, food Allergies, or just irritation of the skin appears inflamed spots on the small size (dummy size), localized mainly in the forehead, or face. However, over time they increase in size, circular in the form of compacted nodules — papules, a pale shade of red. Especially intensively this occurs if the comb papules which absolutely can not do, because the place in the form of scars. Gradually, the rash begins to cover the nasolabial triangle and the wings of the nose, frontal area, lips, penetrates into the hair, spread to the ears, which is almost the entire front area.

Further signs of the disease can be described as "a combination of three phenomena":

  • Plaques envelope in soft scales;
  • Further separation balance sheet below are located in red leather, as if covered with a gloss (terminal protector);
  • If you continue to scratch the skin, it starts to hurt, but the bleeding small droplets of blood (blood Rosa).

In adulthood the most common on the seborrheic psoriasis on the face psoriasis is a distinctive "crown" — a cluster of papules on the border of the hairy part of the head. Purulent crusts, which in this form is broken, which is quite severe pain. The children more typical of the type of psoriasis the skin, the so-called teardrop. The disease early stages can be mistaken for a banal diathesis.


Psoriasis, including psoriasis on my face, not without reason, considered one of the most mysterious diseases. Debate about the etiology does not subside until now. Among experts, there are supporters of the primacy of the endocrine, autoimmune, psychosomatic theories, but lately is becoming increasingly popular genetic theory of the origin of psoriasis. To a certain extent, this also confirms the daily statistics says that three out of four cases of this Dermatosis, the close relatives is also a carrier. Don't cause a lot of debate among experts, perhaps only three circumstances:

  • The disease of poly-etiologic nature to explain the origin of reason, was unsuccessful;
  • This pathology can be for years, decades, even leading to a stable remission, but the final cure;
  • transportation in psoriasis through direct contact excluded: not contagious.

Whatever it was, but arthritis rash that can cover almost every area of the body, including those that it is impossible to hide the eyes of others, delivers psychological discomfort in the first place – the patients.

Types of psoriasis on the face

The disease is a pretty complex classification many varieties. The type of flow can be divided into two large groups: those pustular, pustular't flow. It is interesting that every species has its own "is what allows normal" the lesion. In particular, not falling under the general classification of a separate type, for example, seborrhea such manifestations. This fact helps doctors to conduct accurate diagnosis, therefore, to choose the optimum tactics of the treatment.

Severe occurrence of various light, heavy forms of psoriasis – depending on the total lesion size, as well as the systemic symptoms of the disease.

It should be noted that the face does not belong to the typical areas of arthritis lesions. In any case, the most typical of seborrheic form of psoriasis vulgaris, which later extends to the border of the hairline and then, during production, at first glance looks like ordinary dandruff.

The stage of the disease

The psoriasis on face experiencing rapid development due to sensitivity of the skin in this area. In the initial stages of the psoriasis on the face detail. This is followed by the stage called stationary, when the platelets became clear shades, the form becomes rounded papules with silvery scales. Typically, these metamorphoses occur within approximately one month after the development of the disease.

In the next section can be considered destructive. At this stage, the plaque is almost not stand out on the skin, pale. The desire to brush moving, papules cinci of often, leg the corneal. This process continues, on average, two to six months.

how to treat psoriasis on the face

How to treat psoriasis on the face?

To treat the disease attend a dermatologist, and the first suspicion psoriasis visit, don't delay: how long before you start treatment, faster face psoriasis go into remission. However, it should be understood that the psoriasis treatment is a long, complicated process. All the miracle remedies don't exist, therapy provides a comprehensive solution to the use of the different mechanisms of action.

The ointment of psoriasis on the face

The most effective way to deal with this disease or external sources in the form of balms, lotions, creams. The wide range of application due to the efficiency to find ointments, on the face of psoriasis: how to hormonal, does not contain hormones. In this case, the first strong, but short-term exposure, since these can quickly lead to addiction, as well as the next new round of escalation. Hormonal drugs, especially the psoriasis on the face in adults. Non-hormonal works gradually, however, provide remission for a long time.

As to the smear, the face, the psoriasis?

The following non-hormonal remedies for the treatment of psoriasis of the skin:

  • the removal of the peeling apply for more information, ointment, combined with additional information -zinc gives anti-inflammatory effect and drying of your affected skin;
  • excellent anti-inflammatory signals are ointments in which there is tar, or grease;
  • ointment zinc protect your skin from the negative effects of the external environment, reduces swelling, fights inflammation;
  • the depressing effect on the patient's cells ointments that vitamin D;
  • anti-pruritic effect is famous oil-containing medicines, which is especially important when the acute phase of the illness is over, it begins the healing;
  • moisturizes skin ointment to apply based on plant extracts, the content of calendula, celandine, chamomile and other medicinal plants.

Hormonal ointments variable effects of the relatively mild or stronger.

As a rule, ointments, on the face the psoriasis should be applied before bedtime, when your body complete rest – however, the therapeutic effect is much higher.

Because of the many side effects of hormonal drugs should be used with great caution, and only after instructions of the doctor. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited – it can lead to irreversible health effects.

Procedural therapy

In addition to these agents should be applied to physiotherapy.

Big sedative to give daily sessions electro sleep, the remains of the 20 minutes, half an hour, at least seven. Photochemotherapy ultraviolet rays is specified by the physician periods, the attenuation of the disease, and may contribute to increase the time of remission. In some cases, can be assigned x-ray irradiation on the affected areas. Safer considered laser therapy.

A great addition to the basic treatment in the health resort therapy.


It's like a drug, it is prescribed only for the outdated and special forms, for the treatment of seborrheic psoriasis on the face. These devices include, in particular:

  • cytotoxic drugs that slow down the division epitelyarnyh cells, e.g. methotrexate;
  • immune-depressants of the type of cyclosporine, which suppresses the event autoimmune processes;
  • corticosteroids, for internal use;
  • biologically active substances, alefacept Avastin to block the reproduction of abnormal cells.

Taking these drugs is carried out only under medical supervision.

Folk remedy for psoriasis on the face

The treatment of psoriasis on the face folk remedies a positive results, but only if under the supervision of a apply a doctor, but combined with other methods of combating the disease. The basis of the traditional remedy – natural ingredients, so they are recommended even for the treatment of children. We recommend all sorts of herbal origin, tinctures, baths, medicinal potions, ointments, masks, face psoriasis, cooked "recipe". For example, to soften the skin salt mask imposed on pre-cleansed face (mostly sea salt), tar, masks, ointments. Good effects, sea buckthorn oil, which is both external and internal use, as well as the lavender, coconut oil. It is recommended the consumption of vegetables containing carotene, pumpkins, fruits, red, orange color. A certain result is also given homeopathic remedies.

Despite the complexity of the disease, the main part of the treatment for psoriasis on the face home (rare exceptions). The importance of accurate implementation of medical directives, including:

  • careful hygiene of the skin protection from all kinds of negative impacts: mechanical, climatic, ecological;
  • diet especially during periods of psoriasis exacerbation on the face. Completely refrain from irritating, allergenic products, tobacco and alcoholic products;
  • regular visit to a dermatologist

Now the answer to the main question: how to get rid of psoriasis on the face?

Unfortunately, to cure the disease completely impossible. However, you carry out doctor's orders, respecting the preventive measures, and supports the right mental attitude, it is possible to increase the duration of remission maintaining a high quality of life.