The treatment of psoriasis folk remedies


The psoriasis is the skin inflammation that affects millions of people in the world. The symptoms of psoriasis are appearance of thick red patches covered with white scales, ear, head, hand, elbow. The traditional medical science of today is not able to fully cure this disease, which is characterized by unpredictable relapse.

Popular treatment of psoriasis does not offer a definitive solution to the problems - I don't need illusions, rush to try to "magic" tips, and to heal the money in the wonderful powder. To rid forever at home with the psoriasis it is impossible. But fortunately there is a solution: plants, mechanisms, or product that calms the outbreak of psoriasis. Discover the 35 ways to improve your psoriasis symptoms.

35 home remedies for psoriasis treatment

How to wash irritated skin

Popular treatment of psoriasis: bread, soap


  • 1 bread, rye bread
  • 0.5 liters of hot water


Pour rye bread, with hot water, let stand for 20 minutes - bread soap is ready!

How to apply:

Apply the mixture on the body. Continue for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water. In order not to irritate the skin, wipe patting, never RUB the towel. In addition, the skin, the eye soap, wash your hair.

A folk remedy for psoriasis: white clay

The recipe is very simple: to clean the skin with neutral soap and apply to wet skin, the white clay.

Gently massage, then rinse.

Home remedy for psoriasis: thermal

Very clean hands, apply thermal water on the skin with small circular movements. This allows you to carefully remove arthritis balance. Try not to scratch the inflamed area, which contribute to the secondary infection with the formation of new lesions.

Then, a moisturizing cream, oil or ointment. Therefore, thermal psoriasis, soothes, and moisturizes the skin. After this treatment, rehydration of the skin, restores the lipidic film, the inflammation will disappear.

As soothes the skin, reduces inflammation

Home remedy for psoriasis: aloe Vera


Aloe gel is known for the moisturizing properties, thanks to which the skin calms down and you return to the normal state.

How to use aloe Vera for psoriasis

  • Cut in the middle of a juicy leaf of aloe Vera use scissors to remove the spines.
  • Rinse under running water, then cut the sheet into two parts, according to thickness, and then a spoon to scrape the inside to collect the gel.
  • Apply directly to irritated skin, transparent, gelatinous substance.

The scalp

  • Similarly, to prepare the gel, you can easily ease off a mixer, so that a completely smooth consistency, adding a little water.
  • Using fingertip, gently massage into the scalp for a few minutes with aloe gel or add to your shampoo. Can be used daily at night.

Home remedy for psoriasis: oil-limestone liniment

Liniment oil-limestone is a mixture of equal parts olive oil, lemon water. With the help of this natural product arthritis scales, easily separated, and the itching to calm down.

How to apply:

Clean finger to apply to the skin, then use the cream to remove makeup.

The treatment of psoriasis folk remedies: avocado oil

Avocado oil, rich vitamin E, soothing, softening, moisturizing properties.

How to apply:

Apply to the affected by the psoriasis the skin a little avocado oil, gently massage to be absorbed.

Home remedy for psoriasis: cucumis oil

Borage seed oil (cucumis oil) anti-inflammatory properties, so it can effectively help in the treatment of psoriasis, reducing itching of the skin.

The treatment of psoriasis folk remedies: Tamana oil

This oil is anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerating, anti bacterial properties and is considered by many as the use gives amazing results home treatment of psoriasis.

Folk psoriasis treatment: wheat germ oil, castor oil, sunflower oil

Apply to the affected skin mix it with a teaspoon of oil, wheat germ, a teaspoon of castor oil, a Cup of sunflower oil.

The treatment of psoriasis folk remedy: carrot oil


A gentle massage of the skin carrot oil is also alleviate inflammation of the skin. Buy psoriasis only natural carrot oil!

Vitamins for psoriasis

Vitamin E helps the skin stay smooth, elastic, vitamin E has anti-inflammatory effects. For best results, mix one of these oils.

Home remedy for psoriasis: chamomile hydrosol, Shea butter

Mix 2 drops of chamomile hydrosol with a small amount of Shea butter.

Shea butter has long been used against inflammation of the skin.

Hydrosol of chamomile is traditionally used to soothe the itching.

Apply mixture 3-4 times a day.

How to reduce inflammation in the scalp

The treatment of psoriasis folk remedies: nettle-juice

Gently massage the scalp nettle-juice. Directly applicable to the psoriasis plaques, massage gently.

Nettle-juice to soothe inflammation of the skin.

Folk psoriasis treatment: Manuka honey

Manuka honey, a great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, a fungicide, natural product. Manuka honey works wonders on the scars, in addition to removes in house conditions the psoriasis due to its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties.

How to apply Manuka honey for psoriasis:

Directly apply a thin layer of Manuka honey directly psoriaticeski plaque, then leave for 20-30 minutes. Rinse slightly with cold water and neutral cleaner.

Day psoriasis

The day dry psoriasis plaques, but the sun psoriasis can be no more than 15 minutes a day, the excess can cause an outbreak.

Compress psoriasis

Folk psoriasis treatment: the cabbage leaf

Separate the large leaves of fresh cabbage. Use the cabbage leaf as a compress on the affected areas.

  1. Folk remedy of psoriasis: chamomile infusion


  • 30 g of dried flowers, chamomile flowers, pour into a pot filled with a liter of water.
  • Boil for ten minutes, then remove from heat.
  • Leave to cool. Filter.

How to apply wet compresses of the decoction of chamomile

  • Apply on the affected areas
  • Further twenty minutes.

A folk remedy for psoriasis: turmeric

Strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral effect of turmeric proven effect in the treatment of psoriasis. Use turmeric as a lotion to the affected skin, and then, if necessary, the hairy skin of the head.

  • Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a small amount of water to obtain a homogeneous, soft paste.
  • This mixture directly to the affected area with a brush.
  • Continue for 10-15 minutes, then remove.

Home remedy for psoriasis: carrot poultice

  • Finely grate carrots, put them in cheesecloth.
  • Every night before going to bed apply a poultice made of carrot to the affected psoriasis areas of the skin.
  • Keep all night.

20. Folk psoriasis treatment: poultice, the leaves, roots of burdock


Burdock has anti-inflammatory, sedative properties, so there is a positive effect of the psoriasis to reduce the itching.


  • In a small saucepan boil the water, 30 g of leaves, roots of burdock burdock.
  • Moisten the broth burdock gauze, a poultice applied to the skin.

A folk remedy for psoriasis: viola tricolor

Tricolor violet (or Pansy) is a plant which has long been known its effectiveness in the treatment of skin problems, including psoriasis.


  • In a Cup pour boiling water over a tablespoon of dried flowers, leaves.
  • Let stand for ten minutes, then moisten infusion gauze to wrap and attach the fabric to the skin.

Latine American folk treatment of psoriasis: sarlasparilla

The plant root of sarlasparilla anti-inflammatory, cleansing, Meridiem American plant has long been used in the treatment of skin diseases, including psoriasis.

Applied as a poultice to relieve severe itching.


  • In a Cup pour boiling water over a tablespoon of dry roots.
  • Steep 3 to 10 minutes, and filter.
  • Apply daily for 3 cup: two oral, a compress.

How to take a bath for psoriasis

It's not too hot bath of psoriasis or shower, the water will be warm.

Home treatment for psoriasis: bath baking soda

To dissolve the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in the bathtub.

Folk psoriasis treatment: bathing in oatmeal


Place the rolled oats (2 cups) nylon stocking, tie it, then put it in the tub. Mix the water, so it was all oatmeal.

Folk psoriasis treatment: bathing the leaves of the walnut

  • Cook on low heat for approximately 15 minutes, 20 g, 30 g dried leaves in 1 liter of water.
  • Pour the soup into the bath water.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day, as many times as necessary.

Home treatment for psoriasis: bathroom amygdalus

Dilute a few drops of juniper essential oil to the milk, or add to shower gel, then pour into the bath water.

Or a big pot to boil the water, and 2 kg-thin juniper branches and crushed juniper berries, then filter, then pour into the bath water.

Home treatment for psoriasis: a bath with epsom salts

Bath with English salt (Epsom salt) in treating the eczema, psoriasis.

That 1/4 hour warm bath of epsom salts psoriasis or easier.

What to drink for psoriasis

Popular treatment of psoriasis: the pumpkin juice

People with psoriasis recommended every day on an empty stomach to drink pumpkin juice in a few months.

Folk psoriasis treatment: infusion of nettle

The infusion of nettle anti-inflammatory properties.

The nettle has long been used in the form of infusions or decoctions to treat, urticaria, psoriasis, rheumatism.

Other diseases that can be treated using the nettle, ask the grandparents, you will be surprised at the benefits this plant.

How to prepare an infusion of nettle

  • Add a glass of boiled water a tablespoon of dried nettle leaves.
  • Let stand for 5-10 minutes.

Drink two or three cups of nettle infusion daily between meals.

Supplements for psoriasis

Home treatment for psoriasis: primrose oil

Food Supplements, evening primrose oil, a source of omega-6, which contains the essential fatty acids in the skin, can effectively reduce inflammation, itching.

In the general case, it is recommended that 2-3 capsules of evening primrose oil every day with a glass of water, preferably during meals, the from 3 to 5 months. Be sure to consult your doctor.

Home treatment for psoriasis: soy lecithin

Soy lecithin, which is an omega-3 active form and restores the phospholipid membranes inflamed skin cells, so the skin of the psoriasis sufferer to return to normal. Please note that the process half-life of the red blood cells of not less than 120 days. Discuss the Supplement to the doctor.

On the advice of the doctors


Representatives of traditional healing, natural medicine, it is suggested psoriasis to stop drinking alcohol, Smoking, fight obesity, which helps cleanse the liver, but you can get rid of the skin, psoriasis.

Detox diet psoriasis

Eliminates the diet dairy products, cakes, candy, chocolate, and any other industrial products, refined sugar, fatty meats. Diet psoriasis can have periods of fasting for 36 hours (breakfast, dinner) several times a month.

Some experts believe that psoriasis is a "disease elimination": the skin is overloaded with waste disposal. I suggest you to restore the bowel by changing the quantity of these wastes:

  • don't consume a small cereal. For example, wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, which do not contain gluten;
  • bread, pasta, pizza, cake;
  • because it is difficult to digest.
  • the processed products in the case of a temperature above 110 ° C
  • butter, margarine, refined oil.

However, we recommend that you:

  • rice, buckwheat, sesame oil, quinoa;
  • red-sea fish, because the omega-3 fatty acids;
  • fruit, or raw vegetables or cooked at temperatures below 110 ° C.

You want to limit the potential risks of pesticides to include in your diet:

  • olive oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, peanut oil, oil, as product of organic agriculture.

Colon hydrotherapy

Some health professionals connect the chain to the attack of psoriasis, and bowel problems.

According to supporters of colon hydrotherapy, the regular procedure prevents the body to poison itself by ridding it of the toxins accumulate in the colon.

This cleaning the colon is a very controversial method of psoriasis treatment, but healthy body.

Consequit psoriasis

The connection to psoriasis, and the stress has not been proven. But we know that the outbreak of psoriasis is a concern. The more you worry, the more you scratch the skin, the greater the intensity of the outbreak of psoriasis. Feel free to use the various relaxation techniques: relaxation, meditation, hypnosis. This can be useful to learn how to better control your breathing.