Psoriasis in the initial stages. Diagnosis, treatment of this disease

The psoriasis is called the chronic noncommunicable disease that affects the human skin. This disease is considered the most common dermatological diseases. People who become ill with psoriasis at the initial stage, very often such a pathology do not pay attention, in the belief that the appearance of red dry patches can take care of himself.

in the early stages

The symptoms of psoriasis early stage

A disease, such as psoriasis, a number of symptoms that fit the various other diseases, so sometimes it may be difficult for the patient to determine what illness the body. These symptoms are usually referred to as:

  • General weakness,
  • constant feelings of fatigue (chronic fatigue),
  • the appearance of the depression or depressive state.

The presence of similar symptoms of the disease, cannot yet be concluded, as she got sick.

Psoriasis early stage is characterized by the appearance of papules rounded form, bright red, or pink, covered with psoriatic plaques (scales). This skin formation is almost always symmetrically located to the hair of the head, the back, flexor surfaces, sometimes plaque psoriasis can be found in the mucous membranes of the genital organs, and upper and lower limbs.
The appearance of the papules is the main symptom of psoriasis in the early stages.

The psoriasis causes

Despite the enormous possibilities of the modern medicine, the reasons for which people begin to appear on the skin, rash, or unclear. Many modern doctors tend to the view that psoriasis is a genetic predisposition. This disease may occur due to the effect of the human body in the following predisposing factors:

  • a traumatic injury to the skin,
  • presence in the body of infection,
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages,
  • the increased exposure of the skin to UV (sun) rays
  • a person with any mental trauma
  • the consequences of endocrine diseases.

Very often the psoriasis is a recurring disease occurs in people with AIDS or HIV infection.

How does the psoriasis at the initial stage

in the initial stages of the head

The disease nature begins with the appearance of the human skin papules (small size of the pimple), to have clearly defined borders, rounded. The color of the education is a pink or reddish tinge. The pimple can know, with a bluish tint, if glaziruetsya the lower extremities where blood flow is much slower than in other parts of the human body.

In the initial stages of the disease, plaques formed in the scales silver-white in color. The skin of a person they are connected wrong, which is easy behind papules.

Located in close proximity to each other arthritis papules often combined to form a large-diameter skin elements, which, in turn, degrades the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

The end of the initial stage of the psoriasis is the fact that the established internal segment of the rashes begin to fade, external (edge) will be bright red. As garland-sicut in the form of plaques characteristic of psoriasis at the initial stage. Most often the first rash of psoriasis can be seen, the head (the hairy part), elbow, and knee.

During the course of the psoriasis in three stages:

  • Progressive — in this stage, when the papules become different colours, the process of merging among each other.
  • — Where the new rash beginning to end, the papules fade.
  • Retrogressive — there is a complete disappearance of the pustular lesions on the affected areas of the body.

The psoriasis treatment has developed a lot of drugs that fight the disease with different efficiency. Among the best products in this area are the following:

  1. Hormonal drugs, which are able to immediately arrest the symptoms of psoriasis. Such medicines are usually added to the severe symptoms of the disease, complicated with the appearance of the papules in the liquid.
  2. Non-hormonal means, inter alia, decided to allocate for more information, as well as the Zinc ointment. These medicines eliminate the itching, inflammation, removal of exudative formations. It is also recommended ointment on the basis of solido'.
  3. Shampoo allows you to treat psoriasis on the head.
  4. Spray to help you fight the disease of the scalp.

Physico justo procedures

physical therapy

The treatment of psoriasis separately allocated holding Physico justo procedures.

PUVA treatment. The so-called exposure to long wave uv-a radiation used for medicinal purposes, the medicines taken for the treatment of psoriasis.

2 hours of irradiation, the patient a drug as Ammifurin or Psoralen. Treatment PUVA therapy, to cleanse the skin of pimples, the continued maintenance treatment, is favorable for maintaining remission I period. Duration of treatment a year for 2 years (25 sessions / year).

donec justo. This treatment method is the application of human ozonized solution to get rid of psoriasis. The ozone is then used in the form of ozone-oxygen mixture, which is:

  • used ozone-water or oil, within,
  • the injection is administered by intravenous (IV), under the skin.

Ozone treatment is a number of contraindications, that's not possible, if:

  • the Allergy components
  • alcohol poisoning during the treatment,
  • epilepsy,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • the diseases associated with blood clotting.

Treatment donec justo reduced to 10 – 12 times.

Hirudotherapy. Psoriasis treatment with leeches is a very popular means to get rid of this disease. The leeches on the body parts which are acne, where morden / skin secret, the blood substance, hirudin, which, in turn, begins to actively fight the disease. The course of treatment 150 leeches for a person. Doctors recommend to pass 2 courses.

The treatment of psoriasis at home

the treatment at home

The ointment in folk medicine

An enameled bowl put the following ingredients: 200 g butter, 10 g chopped propolis, the mixture should cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes, not forgetting intensely all the time mix. The resulting medium filter before use through several layers of gauze. You need to rub the affected by psoriasis place until the complete disappearance of the papules. Ointment be stored it in the refrigerator.

Two fresh eggs, add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The eggs, the butter, thoroughly stir, then add 40 grams of acetic acid. The resulting ointment to the shift key on a bottle with a lid. It should be lubricated daily before bedtime to the affected areas of the skin. This tool is very effective for the treatment of early stages of psoriasis.


You need to be of equal weight parts of ingredients such as milk, grape leaves, flaxseed, burdock root (fresh). I have to boil for 5 minutes in a enamel dish, leave to cool to room temperature, the lotions on the problem areas.