Diet psoriasis

Psoriasis is a quite common disease, which lesions of the skin, mucous membranes, appearance of psoriatic plaques (papules reddish or pinkish color), malaise, itching, hyperemia in the skin. The development of the disease is not the insured by not one man, nor young, nor old.

Pathology come to life, a person a lot of discomfort, inconvenience. Besides, people are suffering from an illness, you need to constantly (acute cases) to hide the problem under clothing.

Psoriasis is an incurable disease. The patients assigned to maintenance treatment will help you eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and to prevent relapse. Together with medication, physical therapy, the patient's attention to adhere to the diet.

It is important to understand that the treatment of this pathology is impossible without correction of the diet.

Diet psoriasis contribute to significantly reduced the intensity of the symptoms and prolong remission. Diet easy to stick in the home.

The nutrition basics

The complex of therapeutic measures have a positive impact on the fight against the disease. Diet this disease is a fundamental point in this complex. Observing the principles of nutrition and by eliminating the revenue of the forbidden products you will be able to forget the unpleasant symptoms of the pathology. Diet effective any strike (plantar, scalp). Stick to therapeutic feeding, the result will not be noticeable after a week.

The nutrition basics

Many diets which help to prevent exacerbation of the disease. Diets there are some differences, but the basics are the same.

  1. Diet psoriasis should be hypoallergenic.
  2. We recommend that you avoid the consumption of alcohol and Smoking.
  3. Clinical nutrition involves reducing salt intake.
  4. The revenue of the products containing preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, other additives synthesized, should be abandoned.
  5. The diet should be enriched with plant food.
  6. Diet menu include the rejection of fast proteins (sweets, cakes).
  7. The diet should be enriched with cereals (rice, oats, buckwheat), vegetable salad.
  8. Food should be consumed in small portions at least five times a day.
  9. We recommend that you introduce the diet of low-fat dairy products.
  10. During the diet you need to follow the regularity of bowel movements. If the appearance, the constipation, the diet is necessary to introduce a plant fiber, vegetable oil.
  11. You also need to move more and drink plenty of fluids (at least two litres).

The advantages of the diet

Diet is an integral part of the treatment of the disease.

The advantages of the diet

Main advantages:

  • it improves the skin condition;
  • to lose weight;
  • to improve the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • normalization of a chair.

It is important to understand that the diet for psoriasis is final. The only way to avoid the disease.

Contraindicated diet people diseases of the CNS, SHH. This is due to the exclusion from the diet of substances which have a direct impact on the circulatory system. If necessary, to neutralize the acute attack pathology energy you use, the menu button set the required account individual peculiarities of the organism.

Every diet psoriasis has its own characteristics. What products, foods that can be consumed people with this disease, which must be destroyed, contact your doctor.

As you can see in the table of allowed and forbidden foods, who have psoriasis, avoid the starch-containing foods, especially potatoes, citrus, strawberries, nuts. I don't recommend the use of banana, melon, corn, plum, mushroom, lens.

To appoint medical diet just a trained professional. It's not worth your own diet or seek the advice of friends, or rely on the opinions of a particular diet forums on the Internet. Clear diet, learn the recipes, the dishes, the doctor.

Psoriasis treatment diet: list of forbidden and permitted foods to eat

People with this disease, always without exception, it is recommended that the adherence to the therapeutic diet, which contributes to the normalization of the functioning of the body, improve metabolism, and prevent relapse. The treatment of psoriasis diet is to eliminate consumption of certain products and replace it with healthy food.

Forbidden products

A particular disease, we advise you not to eat the following foods:

  • The herbs, spices. The psoriasis the harmful herbs, and the products included. The large amount of essential oils, aromatic substances toxic effects on the human body. These substances provoke the irritation, the appearance of intense itching of the skin, therefore worsening pathology.
  • Nuts. Eat peanut pathologist is prohibited. Peanut is one of the biggest allergenic foods. People with this disease should avoid consumption of nuts, additives. It is also forbidden the use of peanut butter.
  • The citrus peel. The contain high concentrations of essential oils that a toxic to people with psoriasis.
  • Fatty types of meat. They contain arachidonic acid. This material is one of the factors for triggering inflammation, and the appearance in the skin the psoriatic plaques.
  • Alcoholic beverages. It is not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages, however, the strict restrictions, wine, drinks. During fermentation indicated the formation of aromatic substances, which provoke the development of allergic skin reactions. The harmful influence of alcohol on the liver leads to errors in operation. The body is not completely clear, the body, this means to accumulate waste, toxins, and other harmful substances often leads to relapse of psoriasis. Alcohol, even in the minimum concentration provokes malabsorption of mineral nutrients, the impression of the immune system.

Food restrictions are not common. The body every person is unique, special reacts to the different products. The doctors do not recommend to give up everything. Before you choose the diet specialists conduct individual testing of products.

Recommended products

Psoriasis treatment diet is very important. Eating the right foods will help in the improvement of health prevention of exacerbations of the disease. It is recommended the consumption of fruits and vegetables (kiwi, beans, peach, pineapple, carrots, berries, vegetables, cabbage), lean meats, fish, cereals, low-fat milk or dairy products.

The treatment of psoriasis, and the prevention of exacerbations is necessary to provide the body with vitamins, minerals.

People, this is the pathologist recommended the introduction of the diet products, rich in:

  • Ascorbic acid. This substance helps to strengthen the immune system. Sources of vitamin C are peppers, kiwi, rosehip.
  • Vitamin E. This substance in high concentrations is located in sunflower seeds. People with the disease need daily to eat a few himself. Vitamin A helps to improve the condition of your skin, as well as to minimize the manifestations of psoriasis as well as strengthens the Central nervous system.
  • Vitamin B the Deficiency of this substance is full of violation of the metabolism, which is very detrimental to the condition of the skin. People with the disease need to diet, the buckwheat.
  • The zinc. The treatment of psoriasis diet is a big part of the products that zinc. This mineral depends on the protein metabolism, necessary for the wound healing. High concentrations of zinc are located, sesame, pumpkin, sea.
  • Calcium. This mineral contributes to the desensitization of the body to restore the skin, accelerates the healing of arthritis items. We recommend that you introduce the diet ryazhenki, yogurt, cottage cheese.

People suffering from pathology, we recommend to use the ginger. This will help to cleanse the body of toxic substances, as well as treatment of the symptoms of the disease. Ginger contains significant amounts of vitamins A, b, ascorbic acid, minerals. In addition, rich ginger, amino acids. Specialists suggest to use as a supplement to the first and second dishes.

Only the following all doctor's recommendations regarding treatment for psoriasis diet maximum possible therapeutic effect to be achieved. In addition, proper nutrition contributes to improving the functioning of all organs and systems, as well as the weight loss.