Psoriasis and alcohol: can you drink alcohol while sick?

Psoriasis can hardly be called a rare disease, since it is diagnosed in almost 4% of the inhabitants of the world. Pathology causes the appearance of pink and red spots on the skin and excessive peeling. Many patients when they see their doctor are concerned about whether they can drink alcohol when they have psoriasis. This issue needs to be considered in detail.

The relationship between alcohol and psoriasis

Doctors have repeatedly noticed an interesting feature that makes it possible to find a link between alcohol and the development of skin pathologies. Many of them assume that exacerbations of psoriasis in most cases occur precisely with regular alcohol consumption.

Every alcoholic beverage contains ethyl alcohol. It negatively affects the work of many internal organs. The liver suffers the most from it. If a person is used to drinking alcohol in large quantities, then over time this organ will no longer function properly with its main task - neutralizing the last harmful substances in the body. As a result, they will begin to accumulate. Many toxins are found in strong drinks. The accumulation of toxic substances will cause a deficiency of useful minerals and vitamins. In addition, toxins disrupt metabolism and contribute to a decrease in immunity.

The psoriasis treatment that an alcoholic goes through will not give the desired results. It is possible that the patient will begin to feel even worse due to the exacerbation of the disease against the background of the intoxication of the body.

Specialist consultation for psoriasis

Medical research on this subject allows them to obtain the following information:

  • Alcoholics are more prone to developing psoriasis than non-drinkers;
  • In alcoholic patients, treatment for psoriasis is long and not always effective. Pathology in a chronic form worries them not during the seasons of exacerbations, but all year round;
  • Alcohol in psoriasis contributes to the rapid appearance of dangerous complications;
  • Psoriasis often makes itself feel exactly because of this addiction.

Based on the foregoing, it is easy to guess what effect alcohol has on the disease, and exactly how it contributes to the development of the disease. It is much more difficult for alcoholics to get rid of this pathology, since their weakened body is not able to fight diseases independently.

Disease compatibility with different alcohols

Treating skin diseases takes time. In order for the treatment to give a positive result, the patient should strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor. Experts advise all patients to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and normalize their diet. However, not every patient is willing to take such a step to speed up recovery.

Different types of alcohol have different effects on psoriasis and its development. Most of them have to be dropped completely so as not to aggravate an already problematic situation. But there are also many types of alcoholic beverages that do not cause significant harm if the patient drinks in small amounts.

Alcohol that patients diagnosed with psoriasis drink can have the following effects:

Light beer and dark beer

Not much barley was used in the production of the first hop drink. Therefore, it does not put too much stress on the liver. This means that such beer is not too dangerous for the body. But it also cannot be called completely harmless. This low-alcohol drink is still capable of stimulating the formation of plaques.

Dark beer is considered very harmful to people who are predisposed to developing psoriasis. Therefore, the abuse of this drink is a factor that can form a very large amount of plaque on the body. Doctors do not in vain tell patients: "Do not drink a drunken beverage. "After all, dark beer can provoke the development of serious complications in psoriasis. In addition, it contains the protein gluten, to which all patients diagnosed with psoriasis are sensitive.

Does drinking dark beer get psoriasis

Dark beer is considered bad for people with a predisposition to psoriasis!

People with chronic psoriasis can drink non-alcoholic beer. But you only need to limit yourself to a small amount of this drink.


There are several types of this drink that women like best. White wine with psoriasis has practically no significant effect on the development of the disease and the occurrence of its complications. It has minimal effect on the patient's body. Some experts even recommend drinking a little of this drink, as it won't do much harm.

Red wine affects the body in a different way. This variety is most likely to trigger an exacerbation of psoriasis. But this drink does not harm the body as much as dark beer.

It is worth noting that grapes are allowed to be consumed by people with psoriasis.


In the production of some of these drinks, barley grain is used. After processing is complete, they are completely separated from the product. As a result, the risk of skin diseases is significantly reduced.


Experts say that regularly drinking carbonated drinks will cause the appearance of red spots that cause a lot of itching. For this reason, you should limit your consumption of champagne to protect yourself from psoriasis and its spread throughout the body.


In some cases, doctors allow their patients to drink spirits without dyes or other artificial additives. Vodka in chronic psoriasis is taken no more than 100 g, if you drink more, the possibility of exacerbation of skin pathologies.


These strong drinks, such as martinis and vermouths, trigger an exacerbation of psoriasis and cause it to transition from a chronic to an acute phase. Therefore, its use is contraindicated.

Most patients are completely abstinent from alcohol. On rare occasions, they are allowed to add vodka or white wine to their table, but only in limited quantities.

Is it possible to drink red wine with psoriasis

Most patients have to completely quit drinking!

Consequences of alcohol abuse

People who regularly drink alcohol are not only at risk for psoriasis, but can also develop its complications. Researching this issue, experts have conducted a lot of research. Thanks to them, they discovered that serious complications of psoriasis occurred with enviable frequency in patients who continued to drink alcohol.

At times of exacerbation of alcoholic dermatoses, patients complain of the following symptoms:

  1. Weakness and feeling unwell;
  2. Fever with chills;
  3. Athritis
  4. Hair loss;
  5. Swollen lymph nodes;
  6. Severe itching on the skin;
  7. Weakened immune system.

In such a case, the patient needs qualified help. With an exacerbation of psoriasis, hospitalization is required, since at any time the patient's condition can significantly deteriorate.

If a person constantly drinks alcohol, then exacerbations of psoriasis are observed not according to a certain season, but continuously. His condition only got worse each time.

Sometimes a situation arises when a person realizes that he should give up alcohol in order to restore his health, but he does not have enough willpower to take such a step. Because of this, the patient will be in great danger to his health and life. In such situations, patients with psoriasis need qualified help. If they are unable to self-medicate, they will be taken to an appointment with an alcoholism researcher to have the problem resolved.