Psoriasis: treatment at home

Together with seborrhea, psoriasis (psoriasis, itching), one of the most common dermatological diseases. In addition to the skin, the hair, this disease affects the joints, the nails and the internal organs. The psoriasis can't become infected by contact with the sick person, but you can easily inherit from their parents. Learn how to relieve the skin itching by using the most popular recipes, what treatment is the most effective at home.

the treatment of psoriasis

The description of the disease

The skin flakes, itches, on the stains, plaque or pustules — this may indicate that the development of one of the many types of psoriasis. To determine accurately the type and the form of the disease only a doctor. The psoriasis occurs as a response by the body to various factors: reduced immunity, diseases of the endocrine system, problems with the part, a neurologist, a common stress.

Proven to provoke the disease can even freeze the skin, the sun or chemical burns. The risk groups of people with a genetic predisposition to psoriasis, and consume alcohol often, or take hormones.

The severe form of the disease affects the joints (psoriatic arthritis), blood, lymph nodes (erythroderma), or other organs and systems.

The mechanism of the disease is associated with impaired cell division in the skin. Usually this process takes place, a month, or, if Stripping the balance sheet is reduced to 4-5 days. Pink, red spots, grayish-white scales often appear on the head (face, hair), the elbow, the knee, the lower leg. Annoying itch, that you scratch the places you have a rash almost the blood. This will lead to the growth of the pathogenic micro-flora, development of dermatitis. Due to complications suffering from the hair follicles, because the hair loss thread.

Attention! If the psoriasis localized to the scalp, you need to treat the skin, not the hair.

Treatment of folk medicine: advantages, disadvantages

The advantages of the recipes to psoriasis treatment, a lot:

  • the variety and availability of ingredients;
  • low cost;
  • the ability to simultaneously treat the skin condition improve your hair;
  • effectively fight the symptoms of the disease, according to the user reviews;
  • low likelihood of side reactions (when compared to medicine).

The disadvantages of the popular methods of healing the skin, the hair, the psoriasis:

  • the lack of official data about safe, but it is advisable to use homemade remedies;
  • not too fast results. As in the case of homeopathy, most often there is a cumulative effect;
  • restrictions, contraindications;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions of the skin, the hair;
  • the risk is to overdo the dose. This is dangerous if poisonous plants.


Carefully select the recipes for home remedies. If you are Allergic to any component of the drug you take to treat other means. Fortunately, conventional medicine offers different options. I don't know how to react to the composition of the skin, the hair? To begin the test mixture, which is a smaller amount, to behind the ear area of the wrist or bend the elbow. I noticed malaise — so this recipe is contraindicated.

In addition, there are certain restrictions with regard to the treatment of psoriasis during pregnancy or during breast-feeding. Don't experiment, children under 18 years of age. The skin, the hair is more fragile than the adults. I also consider prohibitions on the use of certain elements of certain diseases (for example, the salt bath may not be combined with the heart disease).

Attention! You can't use the unofficial recipes of the drug in the treatment of psoriasis without consulting a doctor.

Traditional recipes for psoriasis

Before the treatment of psoriasis in the home, proper diet, lifestyle. All this will improve the general condition of the skin, the hair. Alternative work, to rest, avoid bad habits, avoid the stress vitamins.

From the menu, meats, chocolate, pickled, spicy, fried foods, and the acute phase — even meat, red vegetable, fruit, soda, sugar, eggs.

The patients suffering receiving the head, it is especially important to wash your hair. An effective tool is the juice. You can mix a small amount of baby shampoo or plain water. Only connect components you need, not a metal container, or else the soda will be the standard deviation.

Gently RUB the remedy into the scalp, then rinse the hair. Give me that powder, sodium hydrogen carbonate fine sea salt, semolina, olive oil, ground organic coffee — peeling.

The skin, psoriasis, hair, will be useful in a soda bath. 1, a procedure should be a packet of powder. Dissolve in a tub of warm water. Sit down with the head bent, the hair is back. Ears can be closed. I'm sitting here in this position for about 30 minutes. The procedure night (no more than 3 in a row), and in the morning, to lubricate the affected area with vinegar diluted with water.

folk remedies for psoriasis

If the itching spread throughout the body, helps the salt bath. For 15-20 minutes, take a bath in warm water where you dissolved in 1 kg of sea salt. After this necessarily wash in the shower. You can add sea salt iodine (10 ml), pine extract (100 ml), tincture of Valerian (75 ml). Frequency — every 3-4 days, but only after consulting the doctor.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head massage the skin of fine sea salt. After an hour rinse your hair with clean water. In addition, carefully observe the relevant other rules of personal hygiene. Choose a comb that you don't scratch the scalp, temporarily don't dry the hair. More home remedies for different spectrum of action (external, internal).

Drugs for the treatment of psoriasis needs to be linked to each other.


  1. Fat, vaseline. 300 grams of each ingredient. Add egg whites, 20 grams of honey, dried, chopped celandine. Mix to apply to the affected psoriasis areas of the body, in the area of hair throughout the month. Important exception: the fat have medical or fat, free of impurities, additives.
  2. The egg and the pork fat. Pour a bottle volume of 0.2 liter of vinegar and place a chicken egg. A day, add 20 g pork fat, mix gently. Spreading the destroyed areas of the body or the hair for 1-2 hours. Clean, in the same place, lubricate baby cream.
  3. Honey-egg. Connect 20 grams of sugar, egg whites, 2 teaspoons of baby shampoo. Apply to the spot, and then after 10-15 minutes rinse.
  4. Tar with garlic. Soap containing natural tar to treat dandruff in the hair, regulates the sebaceous glands. This will help the psoriasis. Grate the bar with a grater, and 2 tablespoons of the finished chips. Add as much fresh garlic to a pulp. Pour the mixture a Cup of water (0,25 liter), bring to a boil. If the main part of the liquid evaporates, the ointment is ready. Cool, apply on the affected areas along the forehead, or the whole body.
  5. The celandine. Take alcoholic extract of the plant (part 2), add linseed oil (4 parts) and petrolatum (1 part). Mix thoroughly, then spread to the sore spot once a day.
  6. On the basis of ash. Burning on the branches of wild rose, the bark of oak. Connect the flash with vaseline in the ratio 1:1 and rub on the affected areas just before bedtime. There is another option. 25 grams of the ash and the possibility that the medical fat - 100 g egg, 10 g of celandine. Let it sit for 2 weeks, and then apply a psoriasis, three times a day.
  7. The wormwood. RUB in the powder dry grass (you can get at the pharmacy). Equal parts, mix, ground tarragon melted pork fat. Massaging the affected psoriasis areas 3 times a day.
  8. The propolis. Crush 10 grams of bee products, add 200 grams of soft butter. Warm the mixture over low heat. After 15 minutes, remove from heat, slightly cool, strain, while it's still liquid. Apply three times a day, to treat sore spots in the body, the head, near the hair.
  9. Egg-oil. This ointment is particularly recommended during periods of exacerbation. Connect 2 fresh chicken eggs, a tablespoon of unrefined vegetable oil, 40 ml of vinegar. Whisk thoroughly. Apply to the affected psoriasis place to sleep. At the top of the bandage.
  10. The sorrel, celandine. Both plants need to be dry, hard there dust, 1:1 ratio. The density should be added to birch tar. The ointment to the patient's skin, at the top of a piece of cloth or gauze.

Rinse, tinctures, compresses

tincture of psoriasis
  1. Tincture of wild sunflower. Pour 250 grams of the roots of the plants a half a liter of vodka. Close tightly is not stored in a dark place for 2 weeks. Regularly shake. Drink prepared infusion before meals, adding 15-20 drops to a small amount of water. The local treatment of psoriasis, dilute it with water, then RUB into the sore spots.
  2. Hot soda compress. Half a liter of boiling water dissolve 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak the fluid the pieces of tissue, apply to areas affected by psoriasis until the compress cools.
  3. Herbal mouthwash. A useful parallel to improve the overall condition of the hair. If the psoriasis is localized in the head, stock up on dry chamomile, succession, or celandine. Four tablespoons of any herb pour a liter of water and boil it over a low flame for 15 minutes. Leave to cool and filter, then rinse the hair after each wash. Don't rinse.
  4. To compress the chicory. In a jar, combine 2 tablespoons crushed roots of the plant in 200 ml of hot water. Keep in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool, strain. The treatment of psoriasis soak in this soup, the pieces of muslin and apply to the sore spot for 30 minutes. The course is 10 days.
  5. Tincture Of Catnip. Usually this is the plant's name is Boudreau hederacea, but it is called dog, the cat mint. A tincture is in two ways:
  • soak 200 grams of weed, a bottle of quality vodka. Maintain the day, no filter;
  • add 2 tablespoons of dry raw material one glass of vinegar. Gateway of the week. The psoriasis both devices use the same: three times a day.

By the way. Among the other popular way of psoriasis treatment of home-use RAID, left the pan after boiling milk, and crushed fish scales mixed fish fat or skin oily herring. All funds applied to the affected area in the form of a mini-package.


the effect of the treatment

If the psoriasis local primarily your head, try these recipes, masks, hair:

  1. Onion. Several onions (depending on the length of the fiber), clean it and turn it into pulp using a blender or meat grinder. Spread the head, wrap head with polyethylene towel. After 20 minutes wash your hair in plain water. Get rid of the smell, you can make a rinse with vinegar or lemon juice. The regular use, the structure of the thread will improve, you will be stronger, but the manifestations of the psoriasis failed.
  2. Kefir. This mask continues to moisturize your hair, the softer. To cook easier. Skin curls slightly warmed yogurt. Insulate your head. After half an hour rinse the hair. If necessary, comb out loose particles with a thick thigh does not damage the skin.
  3. Mud. Includes the therapeutic mud that is collected during the stay at the centre, or purchased at a pharmacy. The treatment of psoriasis at home improve the condition of hair, dissolve 1 to 2 tablespoons of the main components of the decoction of chamomile or calendula. Add a few drops of the vitamin B Applied to the skin, hair for 15 minutes rinse. Just don't use this mask in the treatment of psoriasis at home if you have problems with the heart or the blood vessels.
  4. The burdock. In parallel, help with hair loss. Connect the 1 tablespoon of oil, tinctures of calendula, add the chicken yolk. Spread to the sore spot, after 1.5 hours, and then thoroughly rinse hair. If necessary, the thigh, the flakes with a comb.
  5. Multi-component hair psoriasis. Fleshy aloe leaf, squeeze the medicine in the liquid. 6 parts juice add 1 part alcohol, camphor, birch tar, an egg. Whisk everything until a homogeneous mixture. Apply to the place affected by the psoriasis, a half-hour. Insulate the hair. Rinse off the mask with a special shampoo recommended to use, if the letters of the balance sheet. Also, use herbal infusions for hair.