Nail psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very insidious disease, capable of hitting not just the skin. Often found on the psoriasis of the nails, called onihodistrofiya (arthritis onihodistrofiya).

The confirmation of the disease treatment of nail psoriasis in some cases difficult, since it is significantly less frequent than in the psoriasis the skin. However, psoriasis of the nail phalanx, cause the patient significant discomfort, and that emotional breakdowns.

The simultaneous failure of nails, skin, which is quite rare. The disease also exists, the year the body of the patient, but the typical symptoms of this form of the affected nail. When psoriasis symptoms when the complications lead to complications such as psoriatic arthritis.

The causes of the disease


The main reason, where nail psoriasis is a malfunction of the immune system, violation of the enzymatic function and the formation of nail-neighborhood of cells. This means that the separation, the organization has not increased in the cells, and the szaruréteg the nails.

There are predisposing causes to change in the event of exacerbations. These are the following:

  • the symptoms of psoriasis can also be triggered in adverse weather conditions;
  • state stress, depression;
  • chronic disease of the body;
  • the symptoms of psoriasis may be aggravated by mechanical injury to the skin;
  • long-term use lithium and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • in addition to the disease may be due to heredity, the gene, if the psoriasis is transmitted to the next generations.

As a general rule, the risk group consists of younger patients 25 years. The men suffered more often by women.

The classification of psoriasis nails

Nail psoriasis can occur in various forms, with different symptoms. There are several stages of nail psoriasis:

NAPEDOWY — the most common form of the disease. The symptoms appearance of shallow indentations in the nail.

ONYCHOLYSIS — this is the degree of characterized by a painless separation of the nail, the tissue, after which the area around the nail remains arthritis edge.

ONYCHOMADESIS — in this form there is a separation of the nail, but it's faster without the formation of edges.

BLEEDING UNDER the nail — are characteristic stripes of brown, reddish spots under the nail.

TRACHYONYCHIA — in this disease the nail becomes rough, thickened.

Large-flowered silver flower flowering specimen of this form of the disease, the physical impact on the tissues around the nail (removal of hangnails, ingrown nails, etc.). Marked suppuration, swelling, redness around the nail plate.

In all forms of nail psoriasis requires early treatment to prevent more severe inflammatory process.

The disease symptoms


The symptoms of nail psoriasis is a very diverse, depends directly on the shape, form of the disease.

The main symptoms are the following:

  • the surface of the nail, the fingers will curve, you can see indentations, dents;
  • the nail becomes grayish, uneven;
  • the edges of the nail plates is covered with inflamed edges, which are able to spread to the skin surface;
  • the nail appear dull yellow with psoriasis plaques;
  • the nail plate is observed in a capillary net;
  • skin, nail unbearably, itchy, scaly.

A difficult process symptoms can be complicated the separation of pus under the nail.

The treatment of psoriasis nails

The choice should be considered the treatment of psoriasis, the severity, and the individual sensitivity of the patient.

The initial degree of the disease treated comprehensively, and includes the following activities:

  • at the initial stage it is recommended that the medicated nail Polish to cover the nails and the gel, the moisturizer, the skin around the nail phalanx;
  • regulates the hormonal, endocrine function;
  • restores the digestive system's functioning;
  • it turns out that the nature of the psoriasis (fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.);

The most common cause of nail psoriasis is the activity of the fungus due to the weakened immune system. Effective impact on of the external products (ointments, creams, therapeutic varnishes), physiotherapy, and herbal medicine.

In addition to lacquers used, neutralize the fungus, treatment of nail psoriasis include:

  • The antihistamines. To relieve the itching recommended antihistamines.
  • MULTIVITAMINS. The destruction of the nail in any form of psoriasis will inevitably lead to loss of fundamental minerals, vitamins, so taking multivitamin preparations. Particularly important is the intake of selenium, calcium, silicon, zinc.
  • CORTICOSTEROIDS. A serious disease, it is recommended the use of steroid drugs. However, we should not forget that despite the fact that the treatment funds effectively they can take only after consulting your doctor.
  • IMMUNOSUPPRESSANTS. To relieve the stress, the tension, the appropriate use of risk. However, you should take into account the side effects.

The positive result showed special nail Polish Belvedere, which will help you even in the advanced stages of the disease.

External preparations (ointments, creams)

The external means, usually begin in the treatment of nail psoriasis. Mild symptoms formation is very much possible to manage such funds.

All external medications are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal.

Folk remedies to fight psoriasis of the nails


Often there are cases when the drug is not able to exert the desired effect, neutralize the negative symptoms. This fact makes the search for alternatives, a question of how to treat psoriasis of the nail is very sharp. In this case, doctors recommend to get rid of nail psoriasis treatment folk remedies.

The most popular methods in the treatment of psoriasis are:

NAIL BATH. This medicine effectively removes the fungus nail plate. In order to prepare the bath, pour the boiling water 20 oz. dry bay leaves and boil the prepared solution. After cooling should be placed in the solution in the nails, and keep them for 15 minutes.

GADGETS. At home, simply prepare the cream. Recommended to mix 2 tablespoons of oat flour or starch in the corn 0,5 l water. The prepared suspension, is applied to the nails.

THE COMPRESS. Cure psoriasis of the nails can be with the help of healing plants, the so-called brus from. You need to 4 tablespoons of dry powder of the leaves brus registration, then pour 0,5 l of boiling water. After cooling the prepared mass is applied on the affected area as a compress to keep it for 15-20 minutes.

These help to easy recipe to cure psoriasis folk ways. However, before you start to use the people's recipes need the doctor.

Diet for psoriasis of the nails

The important conditions of the successful therapeutic treatment, the diet. Very few people know that allergies can appear all psoriasis. That's why you need to keep hypoallergenic diet.

Patient nutrition must be balanced, so the food that can cause allergies (chocolate, coffee, cocoa, strawberries, citrus fruits). The diet prohibits the intake of spicy, salty, fatty, smoked, fried food. In addition, don't use mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup.

During psoriasis exacerbation in the diet during the fasting day, i.e., during the day you can eat only one product, e.g., yogurt, apples, boiled fish, etc. the Diet should be saturated dairy products, fresh vegetables or fruit (except the orange, red) as well as fish, vegetables. Fill in the body, lecithin, recommended the use of vegetable oil (better olive oil is the first pressing).

It is important to note that all diet excludes the consumption of alcoholic beverages, regardless of the form of arthritis manifestations.


At any stage of the nail psoriasis, the fingers of the hand and psoriasis of the nails occurs in waves, periodic recurrence, exacerbation. Therefore, it is important the prevention of psoriasis, which includes:

  • The need to take the shortest nails.
  • Do not perform pedicure, manicure, etc. including acrylic lacquer.
  • You should eliminate the possibility of injury.
  • Contact home of household chemicals, you should wear gloves.

Mild disease requires minimal medical therapy. At home it is recommended to use medicated nail Polish to cover the nail, which slows down the destruction of the nail.

It should be recalled that any treatment can be carried out after previous consultation with the doctor. This relieves the acute symptoms of the disease achieve durable remission.