Psoriasis on the feet — causes, treatment

The disease manifests itself in the body any part of, not only the skin but also the nails, joints.

The main symptom of the pathology of the appearance of certain areas of the skin, rashes, various sizes. It may be that the diameter of a pea, and can reach the size of eggs. The spots are usually covered with white scales, which are easily eliminated, but when you try to clean the affected area of skin peeling will only get worse. In this paper, we consider one type of psoriasis, namely, psoriasis of the feet. What are the types, causes, and treatments discussed below.

The main cause of the disease

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It is impossible to ensure the exact cause of the disease, because until now the scientists do not know to obtain a reliable answer to the reason that the origin of the disease. Clinical studies are ongoing or decades, but the disease is so complex to explain that the origin is not possible. Several assumptions, which are discussed below. So, that provoking factors of psoriasis:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • certain infectious diseases;
  • a dry, cold climate;
  • damage, as well as the friction of the skin;
  • effect on the skin chemicals.

The disease takes many forms, each of which is accompanied by certain symptoms. Next, consider the type of rash occur in people how does psoriasis of the feet.

Speckled (common)

This is one of the most common form of the disease. More than 80% of the patients with this type of pathology.

Spotted psoriasis manifests itself in the appearance of numerous red spots, the rash spread quickly to his feet. Papules are usually small in size, with a diameter of 2-3 cm, but in the absence of treatment, they merge together to form large areas. Rash accompanied by severe discomfort, itching, when you try to remove the scales or trauma spots, often bleeding. Psoriasis on the knee is the most common in this form.


This species is also common, but not as much as the previous one. Typical drop or dot rash or red, bright red in color. They stand up above the skin surface 1-2 mm, but it is very itchy.

Often the precipitating factor in this form of the disease transfer of the patient to respiratory infections. In this form of the knee, the rest of the leg.

Pustular (exudative)

This type is less common, however, is much harder. Treatment time, requires a comprehensive approach. The view is characterized by rash in the form of pustules, clear or purulent contents. Often appear in the feet, lower legs. The patient's skin hot, and often bleeding. The treatment of psoriasis, on the legs, this type rarely gives immediate results. It is characterized by frequent relapses.

Inverse psoriasis

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Here are displayed the smooth, pink spots not accompanied by desquamation. In some cases, the scaly skin is still observed, but weak or moderate. Also inverse psoriasis is lesions not rise above the skin surface. The localization of this kind of disease of the hip (the inner side). Patients often call this kind of disease of psoriasis of the thighs.


Means psoriasis, the nails, the skin around them. The characteristic symptoms change the color and shape of the nail plate. The progression of the disease, the nail bounced off the body of the finger, the resulting ugly scarring, severe deformity.

Eritrodermicheskii view

One form of the disease, which is very difficult to manage. Symptoms of the disease is fairly extensive, accompanied by heavy, painful skin lesions. The human skin is highly inflamed, scaly. All this leads to severe swelling, itching, pain. The lymph nodes of the patients increased, and patients.

Most Eritrodermicheskii psoriasis due to inadequate treatment of other, easier form. Sometimes, however, the pathology arises independently.

Psoriatic Arthritis in

A very severe form of psoriasis accompanied by severe pain in the joints, muscles. Painful sensations are accompanied by strong swelling of the tissues, the skin takes on a red hue.

The treatment of psoriasis on the legs

Based on years of practice in the treatment of psoriasis, it turns out that it's impossible for a complete healing. Every effort mainly aims to eliminate the symptoms, the restoration of the skin, as well as prevention measures aimed at preserving long-term remission. So, how to treat psoriasis on the feet?

Doctors recommend that the treatment of such a serious disease that an integrated approach that includes medical treatment, national treatment, and methods of physiotherapy.

Mild disease most commonly used agent for topical application. It's creams, ointments, gels. It could be drugs, the hormonal basis and not on a hormonal basis. These drugs are the following:

  • for more information, ointment;
  • prednizalonovaya;
  • zinc ointment;
  • daivonex others.

The secondary form, as well as the drug using, light therapy, laser therapy, and cryotherapy, plazmoforez. Often, when the complications of the disease ointments corticosteroids. These are the following:

  • cortisone;
  • hydrocortisone;
  • darmoveit others.

Like to treat your psoriasis treatment of the feet? If the disease becomes the last, the most severe stage, the treatment includes several drugs. The medications used for joint action. Most often hormonal, strong effect. It is also important to include vitamin treatment anti-histamine medication.

The traditional medicine


People often for various reasons, in search of alternative treatments, reject the synthetic drugs. How to cure psoriasis on the feet with the help of folk remedy, find out the following.

Often clean the skin is used as a medicinal plant. The combination of the herbs, such as chamomile, celandine, succession, calendula, nettle, allows you to gently relieve itching, inflammation. Herbal teas help to strengthen the body for improved skin regeneration.

Effective natural product against psoriasis, birch tar, pine is also used. On the basis of tar to prepare ointments, creams, and very effective cleaning soap degtyarnogo.

The coal-tar-soap cure for psoriasis

- Eliminate the symptoms of a bee product like propolis. This combination is used for the different components.

When the traditional medicine is worth the risk of allergic reactions, complications of the disease. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you discuss this treatment with your doctor.