How to cure psoriasis fast

How to cure psoriasis fast

There is no doubt that the psoriasis is one of the most difficult skin diseases. Pathology is autoimmune in nature, the remission is often given to the relapse. Cure the disease completely impossible. Treatment against the disease every direction, eliminates the symptoms of the disease, and to promote the general well-being of the patient.

Many patients wonder cure psoriasis fast at home?

In this article we will try to find out what methods it is possible to cope with the disease in a short time, without harm to your health.

What is psoriasis?

Today, many theories suggesting possible causes of the disease. However, despite many years of research this disease, but failed to develop a clear idea of the nature to find out the exact reason for its occurrence. Psoriasis manifests itself in the human body, especially in the form of red or pink rash in different sizes. The disease, which has the following properties:

  • rash in the form of plaques, towering above the surface of healthy skin;
  • redness of the skin;
  • strong desquamation of the dermis;
  • drying of the skin, cracking, bleeding.
Rashes may appear on different body parts. Most of the plaques are the elbows, knees, palms, soles, scalp, and groin area, armpit. In addition to the symptoms of the skin, psoriasis is such a severe form as psoriatic arthritis. This pathology includes lesions, joints, and ligaments of the person. Most affected is the fingers, rarely the hip joints, the spine.

What's causing the disease?

Until now, theories about the origin of this pathology is not officially supported, just the suggestion of the possible provoking factors of the disease. These are the following:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • diseases of the organs of the endocrine system and hormonal balance, the patient;
  • damage, damage to the skin;
  • bad habits;
  • improper nutrition;
  • taking certain medicines;
  • infectious disease.
This can trigger the disease

These are just a few reasons why you might be because of the disease, in some patients, the psoriasis is caused prolonged exposure to the sun, or on the contrary, since the hypothermia. Also, because an outbreak of rashes on the body, who may be products allergens such as chocolate, coffee, citrus, and others.

Recommendations for treatment at home

Wondering how to get rid of psoriasis, all patients need to remember and follow the rules of the home treatment. Such events are the following:

  1. Clearly observe the time of appointment and dose of medication prescribed by the doctor. If the treatment is performed only in the folk medicine, you need to adhere strictly to the recipe.
  2. In order to ensure that the moisture in the skin need to use special creams, lotions. This will help avoid excessive drying out in case of injuries, the affected areas.
  3. Remove the crusts must be carefully, and only after steaming. Carry out the procedure with clean hands without touching the skin, where the scales have not yet fallen.
  4. If your doctor prescribed by sunbathing or solarium, you must strictly keep the schedule duration of procedures.
  5. Do not use more drugs. If you are allergic reactions, or positive effect, you will not be able to determine which of the basic.
  6. The improvements don't stop treatment if refusal of medications can exacerbate the situation.
Recommendations for treatment at home

In addition, it is very important to stick to a diet. Nutrition is one of the important aspects of the treatment of the disease. Observance of proper nutrition not only accelerate the healing process, but also can have a positive effect on the internal organs and systems.

Psoriasis treatment

Many patients eat to find the answer to the question, how to quickly get rid of the psoriasis the creams, ready to give a lot of money, just to get rid of the unpleasant plaques, papules on the body. Unfortunately, the miracle today is not invented. In fact, some medications have different effects on one or the other of the patient. In medical practice, to ointments, which have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, decongestant, analgesic effect. All the drugs, the hormonal and non-hormonal means. The milder forms, the professionals use the ointment for a easy operation. The more severe forms of the disease to be treated, hormones.

Non-hormonal means

These drugs doctors the means to the external applications with mild effect. The advantage is that no side effects, but the disadvantage is that the effect of the use comes a quite a long time.

The method of application is to apply to clean skin 2-3 times a day. The dose will need to pick up the doctor. Self-treatment using non-hormonal means, that the same may cause undesirable consequences if used incorrectly.


Typical of the hormonal drugs effectiveness and fast action. However, it is very important that the drug is administered only to the specialist. The fact that the hormones can cause a number of side effects and systemic complications. Improper use, overdose or premature withdrawal of the drug can also cause a lot of undesirable consequences.


The effect of the drug begins after a few applications. The patients report to eliminate itching, redness and significantly reduces the inflammatory process.

The products of vitamin D

The quick recovery, the healing of the skin, it is very important to include in the complex therapy vitamin. It will help identify the metabolic processes of the skin, improve tissue regeneration, to saturate the cells of valuable nutrients.

Effective recipes of folk medicine

In addition to the drugs, it's very popular nowadays is the use of folk methods of treatment. This is a variety of devices based on natural products. Supporters of the national treatment claim that this type of therapy is not worse than the drug, sometimes surpasses it. In addition, traditional medicine is more accessible, but safe.

The following article look at how you can quickly cure psoriasis natural products, herbs.

The use of the Golden moustache

This plant is widely used in folk medicine. The psoriasis, the Golden mustache also gives excellent results. The treatment of the plant - pulverized, and the resulting mixture is wrapped in gauze, and then apply as a compress on the affected area for 20-30 minutes. You can also use this method with the defeat of psoriasis of the scalp.

Birch, ash, vaseline

Preparation of this drug need to burn a few twigs of the birch, ash, and mix a tablespoon of vaseline. The mixture is evenly applied to plaque in the body. The treatment lasts until the complete cleaning of the skin, rash.

The infusion of sunflower

You can make a few young plants baskets, grind, and then pour in the white wine. Means, to insist 10-12 days in a cool place. After the device filter, and the resulting infusion to lubricate the plaque.

Effective recipes of folk medicine

Blue clay

Worked very well, the agent-based clay. For this purpose 100 g of product is to mix a tablespoon of castor oil, sea buckthorn oil. The resulting solution is applied to the plaque 15-25 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10-14 days.

Treatment onion

Effective against arthritis lesions of the juice of white onion. This is the vegetable earth, and then squeeze out the juice. They abundantly smeared plaque, gently rubbing the product to the place of defeat. In most patients, significant improvement after a few sessions.

Get rid of psoriasis fast as possible observing the rules of management, strictly cling to the healthy lifestyle. Avoiding harmful habits, diet, and time of the treatment, the specialist helps to cure psoriasis for a long time.