The most effective cure for psoriasis

In the initial stages of the psoriasis is not always diagnosed in time. This is due to the similarity of the clinical symptoms of the dermatitis is allergic in nature, lishaynyh rash inritant as a result of contact with chemical substances. In such cases, generally apply ointments for general purposes, for example: In the initial stages of psoriasis

  • made with calendula, chamomile, burdock;
  • containing zinc oxide;
  • enriched sulfur;
  • for more information, ointment;
  • anti-inflammatory ;
  • in more complex cases, containing aminoglycosides, steroids.

Instead of ointments, you can apply creams containing these ingredients.

Further development of the disease caused by the pathological condition of epithelial cells, lymphocytes, macrophages. As a result, the infiltration of the skin, in each of the plots thicken, it's a great subject to specified strip of steel Shine. Over time, these areas are dry, can break out.

During this period, the treatment special are taking place against the background of general therapy of the body.

What are the treatment for psoriasis?

Effective treatment of psoriasis can be achieved the following effects:
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antiseptic;
  • regener;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Improves blood circulation (vascular);
  • anti-proliferative;
  • Cytostatic.

Representative of such drugs are prednisone, hydrocortisone, cyclosporine, such as class.

Negalagenizirovannye glyukokortikoily (advantan, elok I) is also quite effective, with almost no contraindications. The participation in recommended therapy for paediatric patients, the elderly.

The main reason for the skin changes – the proliferation of T-cells can be successfully treated with dithranol and means containing composition. Examples of dithranol . Such use of the drug long enough can cause side effects in the form of itching or additional swelling.

The aromatic retinoids?

The best remedy for psoriasis is a definitely hard to find. Individual approach to each patient, what should be the basis for therapy. Lately, a lot of patients help treatment with retinoic acid.

Atsetrin (neotigazon) the representative of this group of drugs. The effect of adoption is due to the direct effect, the tissues of the skin, the regulation of the cell division early death of young cells. As safe as possible, not to provoke complications. The background of the regulation of the cellular metabolism, decreases permeability of the capillaries, reduces swelling, improves the water-salt metabolism within the biological tissue. Who erythroderma psoriatic arthritis, reduction or "down" pustular rash.

Together with retinoids to apply local anti-inflammatory therapy (ointments diclofenac, indomethacin), which aims to:

  • Removal of edema;
  • Alignment of the skin a relief;
  • Removal of itching;
  • Setting the local temperature.

What is the classification of ointments for psoriasis?

The effect of all ointments can be divided into: weak, medium, strong, very strong. The patient should not start, that can be treated immediately to strong compositions, because you can rapidly develop addiction. In addition, a number of them very severe side effects.

After the hydrocortisone (the most basic of ointment, anti-inflammatory nature) in patients prescribed flumethasone. Especially suitable for patients with exudative manifestations. The result of the application reduced the bleeding wounds, the skin is dried, smoothed. If the patient does not experience any positive changes in treatment, which seems to be the ointment of the strong therapeutic effect. One of triamcinolone acetone. This will help the itching, reduces the inflammatory processes, the nature, will affect proliferative processes keratinotsidov.

Finally, the most powerful drug in the ointment the list . Inhibits the keratinization of the skin cells, in part, anti-allergic effect, regulate the processes of the class in the skin tissue.

It is possible to treat the creams?

The most effective cure for psoriasis is one that fits a particular patient. In some cases, this containing creams:

  • Vitamin D and analogues – set material composition of the usefulness of the structure for each cell;
  • Vitamin A and analogues – effective keratinotsidy;
  • Antipigmentatsionnye parts .

A lot of positive feedback on the use of psoriasis cream. It contains the naftali in oil, birch tar. To directly to the upper part of the plaques on the gradual emancipation of the flakes. As a result, the color of the plaque is reduced, the skin gradually compared to the undisturbed plots.

Creams also contain natural, herbal ingredients. There is fair authority

  • Series;
  • Birch tar;
  • The aralia;
  • The seeds of Portulaca;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Castor oil, as well as other
How many healers, so many prescriptions.

Which cream or selected for use, apply to clean skin (including the rest of the previous drug component). Before greasing, the skin should be thoroughly dried or treated with a disinfectant (in the case of exudative manifestations).

What enhance the effect of the ointments, creams the psoriasis?

Today known to a wide list of physiotherapy procedures, development of, therapeutic effect of the active substances. Among them it is worth dwelling on:

  • light therapy (PUVA), including ultraviolet radiation (load on the body is strictly controlled to avoid the tendency to the oncology morbo skin);
  • Climatotherapy (optimum temperature, moisture content, and mineral composition);
  • Laser therapy (laser turned out to be a negative effect on the blood vessels that feed plaques);
  • SWT (shock wave therapy) – the use of the acoustic waves within the infrasound. Accelerates the regeneration of cells, smoothes scars, and flattens the overall topography of the top layer.

Psoriasis treatment – the process is long, strict. Treatment should include systemic medication, local forms of treatment and the remedial treatment necessary to restore its own immune protection.

Effective remedy for psoriasis will show you complete, if the intervals between acute exacerbations less common, but the rash will be characterized by smaller manifestum.