Effective treatment for psoriasis, home, recipes, methods


Psoriasis is a chronic disease with a fluctuating course. The treatment at home designed to reduce acute symptoms manifested by excessive acne on the skin, severe itching, worsening the overall health status.

However, to this day, the experts are trying to develop an effective system of therapy as a means to forget the problem does not exist, the maximum you can achieve a longer symptom-free, but not a complete cure.

How to treat psoriasis at home

Treatment of psoriasis at home it gives results only if an integrated approach is used. The use of traditional medicine, especially in advanced stages of scaly lichen, attached to the administration of drugs for local or systemic action.

In order to receive the herbs, tinctures, and creams, and out of the hell of need to connect physical therapy. In fact, the disease must follow certain guidelines concerning treatment of folk remedies:

• It is unacceptable to interrupt the treatment, no matter how long it was.
• All herbs should be collected within strict time limits, need to be properly stored, processed. Otherwise, the treatment does not give absolutely any results.
• The problem impact not only externally, on the skin, but on the inside, strengthening the organization as a whole. This approach can be observed not only in folk medicine but the official. Accordingly, in combination with the skin treatment you need to folk remedies, for internal use. The latter is designed to stabilize the internal organs, improve the immune system and cleanse the body.
• Effects on the body, any external factor that can trigger the development of psoriasis, should be avoided or at least minimized.

Fitopreparaty sold in the pharmacies, and most of them are already processed, which are just the relevant parts. All drugs collected, prepared personally may be those properties that are necessarily required in the treatment of psoriasis.

Also, it is not recommended to self-select the treatment, since this can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, even the most innocuous form of celandine, ingestion can cause poisoning in the body, irregular heartbeat, seizure.

Is it possible to cure psoriasis forever home

The question is whether it is possible to get rid of psoriasis occurs in almost all patients. Impartial plaques on the body, covered with gray scales, a permanent malaise to significantly complicate the life of the patient. Despite the fact that the symptoms usually appear in the body, psoriasis is considered to be not kozhnym disease, systemic.

I'm sure the reason is not yet known. Some tend to think that dominant genetic factors, others argue that the problems that might arise due to violation of the internal systems – in all cases, the treatment is complex. But even well-selected therapy, get rid of the acute symptoms of the psoriasis will not work.

Under the influence of trigger factors such as stress, bad habits, poor nutrition, systemic disease, the symptoms return again and again. All the treatment, in this case, to relieve the itching, burning sensation, clear skin, and increase the time of remission.

The fastest way to treat psoriasis at home

The first is to quickly get rid of your psoriasis, you should eliminate all predisposing factors. The patient needs to get rid of the bad habits, to properly allocate the way work, rest, keep your diet.


Folk medicine recommends to quickly get rid of the symptoms of scaly deprived of such funds:

• Lubrication of plaques ointment based on calendula;
• The tea of soothing herbs, such as mint, lavender or chamomile.
• A bath of essential oils, as well as the affected skin to RUB essential oils of rose, chamomile and Jasmine.
• Rapid exfoliation of the scales, to RUB plaque slightly wet grain.
• In a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.

These devices are well established among patients, received a lot of positive reviews doctors. But I don't hope that after a few methods, the condition improves significantly. Therapy there's always at least a month, the severe form of the disease may be increased to three. In addition to these funds don't help themselves, they only need to use the complex therapy, just to relieve the acute symptoms.

The treatment of psoriasis active carbon

Studies on the nature of psoriasis has shown that one reason for this may be that the departure from the body. Therefore, the active carbon, which has the properties of absorbent, antidot, can significantly alleviate the condition. If in the stomach, reacts with the pathogens, toxins, absorbing them.

Activated carbon in the psoriasis should be aware, in advance, consult a doctor. In general, the following types of therapy:

• Course duration is 2-4 weeks. The dosage is calculated according to this formula: body weight divided by 10, which will be equal to the number of tablets to 250 mg / day. The medicine should be taken three times daily, in equal parts, drinking plenty of water.
• The ratio of the radiation 40 days, and the number of pills per day calculated by the formula below. In this case, a dose full of dust, pour off cold water taken before meals in a few hours.
• Duration of 30 days. A day taken only 3 pills, one hour before meals.
• Of course, the 10 days, then break for 20, and then again 10 days to four times, for a total of 40 days. The amount of the drug a day, one tablet 6 kg weight. The received dose is divided into three parts.

When the treatment with activated carbon should follow a strict diet.

The soda treatment

Refreshing the psoriasis can be used in both the local and the treatment, both internal. According to the doctors, the patients, the most effective in the following recipe:

• Warm bath, every day for 14 nights. The bath volume of 30-40 liters, diluted to 900 g. the soda.
• The treatment of a solution of soda plaques. In a glass of water, dissolve 2 tsp baking soda, and the resulting solution three times a day RUB the affected areas.
• Compresses are made twice a day. The preparation of 2 tablespoons of baking soda (large) pour a little water to form a mass, like a paste. The treatment course is for two weeks.
• Hot compress: to receive a 0.5 liters of hot water dissolve 3 tablespoons of baking soda. The solution was applied, a towel, and then applied to the sore spot.

How to treat psoriasis salt

Those patients, who have long been suffering from psoriasis should be noted that after a beach vacation, the symptoms are noticeably reduced. This is due to the effect of sea salt in the body. Of course, every aggravation, to visit beach resorts or nursing homes is difficult, but treatment at home very possible.

The most effective proven, bath, sea salt. If this is not available, can we still use the kitchen. The cooking you need to pour a pack of salt, in the bath, a pleasant temperature of the water (not

it's too cold, but not hot). The procedure is carried out for 15-20 minutes.

After the salt bath is not vytirat'sya dry. In order to take a shower and wet skin and lightly soft towel. To consolidate the effect of plaque a moisturizing cream or ointment.

The treatment using celandine

Celandine – the herb, whose name speaks for itself, it is perfectly cleanses the body. Recipes of the various diseases of this plant has been used since ancient times, especially in the treatment of psoriasis.

To use this tool in different ways:

псориаз5• Herbal baths. The procedure requires that the leaves of the plant, which pre-pour hot water and bring to the boil. The solution is administered for one hour, then poured into the prepared bath.
• Oral infusion made of: celandine(2 tbsp), walnuts (1 tbsp), mint (1 tablespoon), BlackBerry leaves (2 tablespoons). The resulting mixture is poured into 1.5 liters of boiling water and insist 1 hour. The course of treatment – 1 week, 2 times a day, 1 tbsp.
• The juice of the celandine on the inside – 100 ml. we have added a drop of fresh fruit juice. Brought food after 21 days. Every day the quantity of juice is increased by one bit.
• For local use in home made ointment to use celandine (2 teaspoon), fat (100 g), and Flutsinar ointment (15 grams). Components of the ointment are mixed three days. Twice a day the product is applied to the diseased part. The course is five days.
• Ointment, use vaseline, celandine. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the skin once a day.


Herbal teas not only remove the symptoms of psoriasis to cleanse the body and skin, improve the metabolism. Fitosyr ' e used for wiping skin, in the bath, as well as the oral administration in combination with systemic therapy.

Fast, long-lasting effect, the following recipes:

• Root sarsapelya (sarsaparilla, smil,) in the amount of 20 grams of finely powdered a 10-hour pour a liter of water. After insisting on a moderate boil for 20 minutes, then filter, then take it while it's hot (part of the soup you can drink later, but on the same day). A course of treatment for three weeks.
• Black elderberry (2 teaspoons) pour 5 liters of water and insist during the day. Dosage is half a glass three times a day.
• The branches of a rose, burned with the resulting ash in equal quantities mixed with the vaseline. Remedy RUB the affected area.
• If the psoriasis affected nails hands or feet to effectively use the bath on the basis of the calamus, succession, st. john's wort, or the nettle.
• Baskets young sunflower crushed is filled with a dry white wine. The mixture insist 2 days, then filtered and applied as a poultice to the plaque.
• Half a Cup twice a day is recommended to drink the infusion of hops, nettle, motherwort, licorice root (in the ratio 1:1:1:3). Large spoon collection full 10 hours liter of boiling water. The cure – a year to prolong remission.


Having regard to the Solarium has a beneficial effect on the body during psoriasis exacerbation, all doctors agree. There have been many studies that have shown that:

• If you are the type of psoriasis is "plaque" UV radiation is a well-dry skin, and promote the rapid healing of the ulcers.
• Procedures allow you to "disguise" plaque psoriasis.
• In psoriasis, "Drop", especially in the winter, the body is lacking the vitamin D3. In this case, the Solarium is able to compensate.

To achieve a rapid effect, it is important to have the correct balance of ultra violet rays. Useful for plaque exposed to the rays of type (300-400 nm in length) and the beams B (311 nm). First session – 5 minutes, then gradually the time increases.


Diet psoriasis is an integral part of the therapy. The basic principles are the following:

• Food taken often, but in small quantities.
• In the menu, it is unacceptable presence of the citrus fruits, chocolate, and other vysokoalergennyh products.
• Do not use products containing dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other additives.
• It is unacceptable to drink alcohol, even in small quantities.
• Foods which are easily digestible should be terminated.
• Meat and dairy products can't be high fat.

The internal treatment

As an effective internal folk remedy proven:

• The decoction of Laurel. 20 g of crude pour 0.5 liters of water, and then boil the heat for 10 minutes. 100 ml after meals.
• Tomlenoe products based on fat nutr. The cooking 200 gr. fat poured a glass of vodka, a liter of honey, 500 ml aloe juice. The mixture was placed in a clay pot, go to the 4 hours in the oven, preheated to 180 gr. 15 ml three times a day.
• An infusion of malt. A liter of boiling water, 4 hours, brew 2 tablespoons of malt. Take 6 times a day 100 ml.

At home how to cure psoriasis on the head

The fight against the psoriasis on the head, well help special shampoos sold in the pharmacies:

• Means that the sulfate, selenium, hloroksinom – contribute to the effective cleaning of the scalp in the early stages of the disease.
• Shampoo with ketoconazole, I – neutralize the fungus, and eliminate itching, flaking.
• Pharmacy tools, the tar, of carbon, and shampoos that are rubbed into the skin 2 hours after just being washed away.
• Shampoo zinc piritionom – help, it's just the beginning, as a preventive measure.

To prepare truly effective tool in the home:

• Grass celandine, chereza, horsetail in the ratio 2:4:1 joint, 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water. The mixture was kept on the steam bath for 30 minutes, then filtered, rubbing, inflamed skin. The procedure is performed twice a day.
• In equal proportions mix the nettle, hop cones, roots of the calamus, celandine, calendula flowers. Rates: the leaves are two roots. The mixture is poured a liter of hot water, and aged on a steam bath. Infusion used to wash three times a week.
• Good effect, and then massage it into the scalp rosemary oil, almonds, cyprus or peanuts. Applied at night, and the head of the wearables hat.