How to easily cure nail psoriasis. Cause of the disease.

Nail psoriasis is a disease that affects people of any age. This disease is the result of a disruption of the body's immune system chronic decline. The development of the disease contribute to the human genes responsible for the immune system of the organism. But the psoriasis is a disease that can be treated, preventive measures prevent the development.

What is nail psoriasis?

psoriasis of the nails

The so-called disease, the external manifestation of which is visible in the various injuries of the nail plate. Maybe it's the little dimples different in diameter, randomly distributed on the nails, flaking of the nail, which can be partial, and can lead to complete loss of the nail plate.

Psoriasis of the nail plate is accompanied by changing the color: you can appear white spots, the nail yellow or dark brown, even black. If you have psoriasis of the nail affects the blood vessels that may appear red streaks. Any change in the color of the nail plate need to be a reason of the investigation.

The disease may appear indentations in the nail plate. Sometimes the edge of the nail is visibly compressed, layered.

These symptoms require attention and preventive measures. If the disease is psoriasis of the nail is confirmed, you need immediate treatment because the disease does not pass, or delayed or inadequate treatment can lead to serious complications.

Causes of psoriasis of the nails

Predisposition, to psoriasis, I've seen people who have relatives suffering from such a disease. The possibility of transferring the genetic level, this disease is a high percentage probability, but is not mandatory.

Sometimes psoriasis occurs in people whose relatives suffered from this disease. The reason for its occurrence could be other factors:

  • The stress. In some patients, the psoriasis formation occurred after experiencing a nervous shock. In such moments the body is severely weakened, which contributes to the development of the disease. Strong stresses force the nervous system to change the protection functions of the organisation, to the restoration of the nerve cells, which weakens the immune system, incorrect reactions to the stimuli of psoriasis, as well as the development of the disease.
  • The viral infection. The disease is dangerous the complications, including the possibility of developing psoriasis. The weakening of the body, antibiotics can cause nail psoriasis. Even worse, if the infection is not properly treated or treatment was not appropriate.
  • Hormonal disturbances. Age-related changes in the body, medications that contain hormones, can lead to the development of nail psoriasis. In such periods, it supports the body vitamin c-to be attentive to the condition of the nail plate.
  • Violation of the metabolism. The cause of psoriasis may be metabolic diseases. Be attentive to your diet, try more time in the fresh air, watch the crowd.
  • Heredity. Psoriasis is a disease can be hereditary, but it happens that not all. If your close relatives suffer from receiving, be careful that the first symptoms manifestation, because in the initial stage the treatment is much more effective.

Home treatment for psoriasis nails

psoriasis treatment

If the nail psoriasis in the early stages, shows only the first signs of the disease, the treatment can start at home.

Before starting the treatment, make sure to perform a diagnosis, to rule out a fungal disease, which by its appearance is very similar to the psoriasis.

The treatment of psoriasis of the nails should start from "from the inside". Make sure that the vitamins and calcium content. They will help to strengthen the structure of the nail plate, to be less susceptible to pathogens.

Note: the vitamin complexes, which contribute to the normalization of metabolism. These are the vitamins A, b, C, E, P, which strengthens the body, improves the condition of the nail. Thanks to them, the body begins to absorb the much needed to the appropriate growth substances.

Psoriasis is the result of the suffering, stress, mental fatigue, thus, the complex treatment to pay attention to the intake of sedatives, essential as the other.

It will be useful, bath nail a decoction of the herbs (recommended: chamomile, marigold, nettle, st. john's wort). To prepare the decoction of water bath a combination of herbs can be arbitrary. Dip the nail in the tub of warm water, then each other's hands for 10-15 minutes, until the cool water. Be sure to apply a nail oil, hand cream.

Resist the manifestation of psoriasis help, rubbing, and compression oil (recommended: olive oil, sunflower oil, oil of the conifers). A small amount of oil rubbed into the nail plate before going to bed. Oils soften the nail, saturate all the necessary nutrients in the oils of coniferous plants anti-inflammatory effect. The procedure does not take much time, does not require additional preparation.

The home treatment in the initial stage manifestations of the disease is quite effective, but if the nail psoriasis in the running state, the home, the treatment combination of medical supervision of the experts.

Nail treatment for psoriasis

Nail psoriasis – a disease of chronic, which can be repeated, for any reason, that trigger the appearance of: stress, disease, violation of diet. When the disease, you should follow the advice of the doctors to prevent the manifestation of the disease:

  • The relationship of household chemicals remember to protect your gloves, as the impact of the funds may trigger a relapse of the disease. Substances destroy the natural structure of the nail plate, weakening it, which will help to lead to the appearance of the first signs of the disease.
  • Try to avoid the injury, the nail plate: a little pain can lead to the formation of infectious the nest.
  • Follow hand hygiene.
  • If you have psoriasis of the nails has been proven, I would not recommend the beauty treatments the nail. Building coating gel is strictly forbidden, since the closed nail plate the progression of the disease is not immediately noticed, which can lead to complications. Not recommended even the decorative varnish.
  • Nails affected by the psoriasis, it is better if you are short: appearance of the patient's nail is far from aesthetically pleasing; patient's long fingernails contribute to the disease. The affected area should be cut.
  • Don't let the nail psoriasis and without attention. Be sure to handle it!

Diet for psoriasis of the nails


If your nails suffer from receiving, you have to organize your foods to your body gets the essential nutrients of the food are not to be harmed. Doctor's diet recommendations of the disease are the following:

  • Daily at least 8 glass of water in addition to fruit juices, and other drinks. The body should be able to "wash" themselves to the harmful substances.
  • Eliminates the diet: alcohol, even a mild degree of smoked, salty foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, potato chips. Don't add the vinegar to the food, flavors, spices. It is recommended to replace the sugar, sucrose. It is not necessary to eat a lot of fruit, red berries, which are the active substances that contribute to the disease.
  • Maximize the amount of vegetables in your diet: they contain fibre, which helps to remove toxins from the intestines.
  • Eat lean beef, liver. Eliminates the smoked meat, bacon.
  • We recommend limiting the intake of dairy products. But be sure to eat low-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese.
  • Give your diet a legume, which can be the side dish for lean meat or Turkey.
  • Eat cereal grains (wheat, corn, buckwheat). It is advisable to cook them in the milk, the water.

Cure nail psoriasis only the diet is impossible, but help the body to resist the manifestation of the disease.

Reasons for the decline in psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis is a chronic disease and relapse is possible. To provoke the re-emergence of any of the causes: nervous tension, stress, and other diseases.

To avoid relapse, you must be attentive to the diet, general health status, and stressful situations. Don't eat foods can lead to the functioning of the digestive system. If you avoid the stressful situation is not possible, make sure that a sedative drugs.

Stay on the beach will help to avoid a recurrence of the disease, or increase the interval between relapses. Exposure to the sun, the water, the sea, hot sand affect the health condition of the nail plate.

Make sure that the preventive procedures: every week, the bath, the decoction of herbs, softens the skin moisturizer. If the visible manifestations of the disease is not observed, apply the nails medicated nail Polish.

Psoriasis of the nail is completely cured, it's hard, but the regular preventive measures, compliance with recommendations to avoid frequent relapses and complications.