The treatment of psoriasis

There is a huge number of dermatological diseases. One of the most common skin diseases – psoriasis. The treatment of psoriasis is a very important issue that the modern medical science. Thousands of pharmaceutical companies are daily releasing new tools to get rid of this disease, but today there is no medicine, which can be, once and for all get rid of the disease. In this article you will find all the psoriasis, and the treatment, and then try to answer these common questions, like what is the psoriasis how to get rid of psoriasis, and possible to cure psoriasis once and for all.


What is psoriasis

The disease refers to the diseases of infectious nature, which is not transferable, household, sexual, in the air, or in any other way. Many patients believe that the disease affects only the skin, but it is not. The disease is a number type, which can occur not only in the skin, a negative impact on the nails, joints, and internal organs.

So what is the psoriasis. The person with healthy skin, the cycle of maturation and division of skin cells is 28 to 30 days psoriasis this period is reduced tenfold just 4-6 days. Because it's the more immature cells begin to divide and wither the skin, and in the form of an ugly white or grayish scales. Scientists around the world still don't know the exact reasons why this process takes place. Only certain triggers can cause relapse of the disease exacerbation.

It may happen that the disease may be, men, women, and children. According to some statistics are known to be more prone to the disease countries, people living in cold, damp weather. Also in danger are young people aged, 18 to 25 years of age or older patients after 45-50 years of both sexes. My kids got sick a few less pathology can occur in atypical form, without the characteristic symptoms of psoriasis such as scales, itching, and desquamation.

Dangerous than the disease

Don't assume that in addition to aesthetic problems psoriasis is not able, because of the serious damage caused to the body. Symptoms, such as itching, redness, flaking, only a small part of what can trigger this disease. Experts say that many patients often develop this form of the disease such as psoriatic arthritis. This is a severe joint damage, cartilage, which may even lead to disability. That complications of psoriasis may include the following symptoms:

psoriasis on the head
  1. Defeat, deformed the nail.
  2. The mucous membranes. It can also be diseases of the bladder, urethra.
  3. The background of the pathology may develop severe diseases of the gastric mucosa.
  4. Often suffering from the liver, increase the size of it, ceases to perform its functions.
  5. In addition, the patients often arise complications, such as convulsions, depression, delirium, and polyneuritis, as well as many other psychological disorders.
  6. Among the most common complications of persistent muscle and joint pain, excessive weight loss.
  7. Was it the case that the myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure and other diseases.
  8. Often, enlarged lymph nodes, especially in the groin area, or thighs.

Just a few of the consequences that result from the disease. The list is endless, but even without this it is clear that psoriasis is a serious disease that requires serious, timely treatment.

The reasons for the development of the disease

The current stage of the studies of psoriasis, scientists, health professionals is not a common opinion about the exact reasons of the disease development. Representatives of various theories to keep perspective, to explain the possible causes of the abnormally rapid skin cell division. Then we will look at the most popular theory is that the development of the disease.


The other aspect of the genetic theory. The supporters believe that psoriasis is inherited. According to medical statistics, more than 50% of the patients suffering from the disease one of the parents. Also, if the mother or father suffer from the disease risk of developing the psoriasis, a child is growing, by 25%, if a similar disease, both parents, the risk increases more than 50%.


Hormonal balance of the body plays a very important role. The endocrine system, which of the organs, like the thyroid, the pancreas and the pituitary gland that is fully responsible for the balance of the hormones. Diseases, disorders of these organs can lead to the hormonal balance, which, according to the supporters of the endocrine disruption theory, lead to the development of harmful cells in the skin.

Balance often arise during puberty, the menstrual cycle, the menopause, and the hormonal treatment means that under the influence of some other reasons.

It is important to note that the expressions of the modern research no evidence that the effect of the hormones because the event of psoriasis, so this theory is just a proposal.

the psoriasis causes


This is one of the young theories, which consider that the appearance of the disease may occur due to severe stress, psychosomatic diseases. The theory is also not proven, the supporters, conducting research to this day.

The development of the disease, neurogenic theory explains the development of vasomotor neurosis, the walls, the muscles of the blood vessels. This process, because narrowing of the artery walls, which significantly reduced the blood circulation.

The theory is also not proven, however, several studies have confirmed the fact that most patients psoriasis exacutus or came up the first time after severe emotional stress, worrying.

Main types of and symptoms of psoriasis

The psoriasis symptoms can be very diverse. The symptoms depend on the disease type. Forms of psoriasis the medical practice is divided into the following types.

Psoriasis of the scalp

This is one of the most common. Many patients faced with this problem, and I know how unpleasant this condition. Healing psoriasis the head? Definitely not, like others of the species. The disease manifests itself in every patient differently. This can be a mild skin rash on the area of the hairline, accompanied by peeling, dandruff, obvious disease, big plaques with rough crusts, significant redness.

The psoriasis treatment of this kind of need is definitely desirable to the disease.

Nail psoriasis

Against this type of disease, the patients concerned must be regarded as psoriasis. After all, a pathologist, is not only much spoil the aesthetic appearance clavum disks, leads to a strong distortion, delamination, and even complete loss of. Developing this type of disease is most often compared to other types of the disease require a comprehensive, appropriate treatment.

Fight psoriasis the nails are often an integrated approach, as well as the long-term treatment. The patient should have patience to achieve positive results.

Psoriasis of the hands

Hand, i.e. the palm is very sensitive to various mechanical damage, friction. Often, this disease occurs in both men and women. The main symptoms of psoriasis of the hands of calloused education, the flaking, itching, redness. The disease is severe body frequent injuries of the skin, as the palm is very flexible.

The psoriasis on the face

the psoriasis on the face

The appearance of lesions on the face, a very unpleasant as this area is always visible. The patients are puzzled how to overcome psoriasis of the face. After all, nasty glu of tartar is not just to deliver severe discomfort on the physical level, but also significant deterioration of the emotional state. Disease this type is also esse versatum in all areas of the face: face, nose, lips, forehead, chin. The treatment of depriving flake on the face (that's why it is often referred to as psoriasis) complex molestum process.

Psoriasis of the feet

A very similar disease of the hands. In this form it may affect the inner thighs, knee-joints, very rarely the foot. Typical symptoms are itching, flaking, or inflammation.

Psoriasis elbow

General pathology, found many patients from different age groups. Affect the external surface of the elbow. Externally, the disease is similar to the appearance of the skin except, of grey movie in the form of so-called shell. Elbow psoriasis cure was not difficult, it is often the favourable prognosis of the patients.

Psoriasis vulgaris

The most mild form of the disease. While the skin of the individual patient's plaques that means a little discomfort for the patient. Psoriasis vulgaris can be treated means that the local application of, and adherence to simple preventive measures.

Psoriasis on the genitals

Venereal disease is very rare. Almost 99% of the time is not an independent disease. Often the disease is confused with numerous sexually transmitted diseases, consult a dermatologist, the patients are not in a hurry. The man hit the head of the penis, in women the disease spread to the labia.

Important! It's not worth it to try to establish the diagnosis. Often a form of psoriasis, went to the other. The diagnosis, or treatment just a doctor.

Methods for the treatment of psoriasis

Most patients faced with this disease you have no idea how to get rid of psoriasis. In addition, people simply do not know, or do not cure this disease. Later in the article we try to understand what are the treatment options, what are the characteristics of the psoriasis treatment.

Before the treatment starts, all patients must remember that psoriasis is incurable. The treatment is always aimed at only treating the symptoms, strengthen the immune system, and to achieve stable remission.

Methods for the treatment of psoriasis are quite diverse, the use of one of the following methods:


Psoriasis and its treatment are complicated, lengthy process. In medical practice using a gradual approach to achieve the desired result, which persists for a long time. This approach includes the following steps:

The doctor picks up the device, depending on the severity of the patient's condition, course of the disease.

the pills

During exacerbation of the disease the doctor may recommend the patient to a certain kind of cyclic therapy. This consists in the use of drugs over long periods of time to prevent serious complications, side effects. The treatment of psoriasis look like the following:

In most cases, after the cyclic therapy, the long-awaited relief or remission.

Medicines for external use in psoriasis

This is very common in depression, itching, inflammation, redness, and other symptoms of the disease in medical practice to use the tool, which is designed for external application. This group includes the drugs manufactured in the form of ointments, gels, lotions, sprays, shampoo, etc.

The use of such drugs is indicated for mild and moderate forms of the disease. In the case of severe disease, as the drugs are often prescribe the higher-performance report.

The specialist is picking up the medication, as the severity of the disease, the patient's individual characteristics. The treatment of psoriasis topical treatment can be applied in patients of different age groups, and give minimum side effects.

Alternative treatments of psoriasis

In addition to the traditional therapeutic methods for the treatment alternative nature. Very often, in practice, the traditional treatment gives you the most unexpected results. So, how to cure the psoriasis alternative methods are discussed further.

the traditional methods


This is a relatively new method that finally the little fish garra fish rufa. This type of treatment, nursing homes, where are the sources. The seat is very simple. The man immersed in the water for fish, and they will purify the body from coarse to particles, skin scales without healthy areas.

Treatment with clay, mud

Cleans very well the skin of the plaques mud. Often used, for example, the mud caught in the lake Sivash. You can buy in the pharmacy. The application of the mud, heated to a temperature of 38-39 degrees apply a thin layer on the affected areas. After 30-40 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and the skin calming cream.


As you already know, one of the main causes of psoriasis is a metabolic processes in the body. Because of the violation of metabolic balance in the body accumulated such negative products, such as waste, toxins, and radicals. These components are extremely negative effect on the entire body, poisoning it from the inside. Transfusion of psoriasis is one of the methods of fighting the disease. For this purpose, a centrifuge (plasmapheresis). This method can purify the blood to the patient, the harmful substances as well as pathogenic viruses, fungi. Thank you for plasmapheresis it is possible to achieve the following purposes:

  • cleanse the blood;
  • improvement of the microcirculation;
  • eliminates the inflammation;
  • eliminate decay products and other harmful ingredients.

The traditional methods of treatment of the disease

Cleanse the body psoriasis is often carried out with the help of folk remedies. These goals of the various natural products, herbs. So, how to treat psoriasis using traditional methods will understand, later in the article.

All therapies can be divided into drugs for the domestic reception, as well as the means to the external application.